Go Unique! Try a Yurt Wedding Instead

If you’re one of those couples that are looking for something out-of-the-box, then a Yurt wedding may be the idea for you. We had the honor of participating in a Yurt wedding ourselves not too long ago, and we can attest for the uniqueness and fun of this very setting. What is a Yurt Wedding? … Read more

How to Beat the Heat for Your Summer Wedding

There is nothing better than planning a summer wedding, especially with the summer we have had so far. From picturing yourself reciting your vows looking over the coast to just having an outdoor spread, who doesn’t love summer weddings? Unfortunately that special day can be a real blunder when your guests are drenched in sweat … Read more

What Type of Wedding Reception Should You Choose?

wedding party

Think about your wedding. What do you see? Are you looking at a romantic evening with fancy food, everyone dressed their best or are you thinking more of an all night party fest? There’s a lot of different ways to pull off a wedding reception, and it is up to you the type of reception you want to host. But, make sure the reception type you choose fits your guests and your overall wedding style.

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