Go Unique! Try a Yurt Wedding Instead

yurt wedding couple

If you’re one of those couples that are looking for something out-of-the-box, then a Yurt wedding may be the idea for you. We had the honor of participating in a Yurt wedding ourselves not too long ago, and we can attest for the uniqueness and fun of this very setting.

What is a Yurt Wedding?


Yurts are portable dwellings that date back to early nomads. But, when it comes to a wedding, the Yurt is a crown, steam bent tent structure that offers a unique atmosphere for your wedding. Traditionally yurts are made using a wooden circular frame that is surrounded by lattice wall sections. Bent roof poles and a crown support a tent canopy to keep out bugs and help shield your guests from any adverse weather.

Why a Yurt?



Traditional wedding tents have that been-there-done-that feeling. But, Yurts are something you don’t see everyday. And, before you automatically assume a Yurt will take away from the glamour of your wedding, think again. As long as it is planned right, a Yurt offers a rustic, romantic venue for your wedding that can basically be constructed anywhere — including a backyard or open field.

Just to show you how elegant a Yurt wedding can be, we are including images of a wedding we recently catered to in a Yurt. Ordered on the menu were stone-baked pizzas, but don’t let the thought of “pizza” make you assume this wedding was casual. In fact, it was one of the most romantic, elegant settings we have ever seen.

Welcome Sign Guests were greeted at the entrance of the Yurt with an adorable, yet sophisticated sign.

interior yurt

The inside featured elegant chandeliers, adequate seating and a sense of comfort that welcomed guests inside.

yurt beverage barBeverages were served in this tasteful display.

yurt photo bar

To encourage guests to get outside and still enjoy the fresh air, the couple created this cute photo set up — props included.

yurt wedding gamesNo wedding is complete without games — and there were plenty of games to keep guests entertained.

yurt wedding

Inside, the couples were careful to add elegant touches — like this vintage chair and guest book — to really create a romantic atmosphere for their guests.

yurt wedding

Yurt weddings can be casual, but this wedding just goes to show that they can be equally sophisticated. With the right touches you can incorporate this historical structure and create a truly unique wedding that steps out of the box.