What Type of Wedding Reception Should You Choose?

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Think about your wedding. What do you see? Are you looking at a romantic evening with fancy food, everyone dressed their best or are you thinking more of an all night party fest? There’s a lot of different ways to pull off a wedding reception, and it is up to you the type of reception you want to host. But, make sure the reception type you choose fits your guests and your overall wedding style.

To help make that decision a little easier, we’ve come up with a few pros and cons of each common type of wedding reception.

The Breakfast or Brunch Reception

breakfast or brunch wedding reception

This is designed for the sunrise wedding or early morning nuptials. Naturally, you’ll have a breakfast or brunch reception to follow this type of wedding — so that guests aren’t waiting hours to eat. You don’t have to serve bacon and eggs either. You could serve gourmet french toast or even spice up the mood at the party with some Mimosas. To add a twist to your traditional breakfast wedding reception, serve up a cocktail-style breakfast.


These are inexpensive wedding receptions, especially when it comes to food. Most of the food items you would find at a breakfast/brunch reception are inexpensive. Also, you would have the entire day after your reception.


Guests that have a long commute to the wedding reception may not make it in time, especially if everything starts at sunrise.

Lunch Reception

lunch reception

Lunch receptions are great for morning weddings, but don’t rely on sunrise. You can do anything from a picnic reception (casual) to serving individual meals to your guests.


You can serve up menus similar to a dinner menu, but in smaller portions — since most people do not like large lunches. Also, because you’re serving less, you can still save money on your catering bill. Also, because your wedding is so early, you can leave for your honeymoon the same day.


If you aren’t going off to ¬†your honeymoon that day, you will have to figure out a way to fill up the rest of the day. Also, guests may stay longer at your reception, because they too do not have much to get done.

Champagne and Cake

champagne and cake

Champagne and cake receptions are a fairly new trend. Couples have their reception in the afternoon or late night so that all they have to serve is champagne and cake — skipping meals entirely.


This is an extremely cheap wedding option. Even with buying champagne for your guests and the wedding cake, your overall catering bill is lower than any other type of catering.


Your guests may have expected more than just champagne and wedding — especially if they had to drive a long way to your reception.

Traditional Dinner Wedding Reception

dinner reception

This is the most traditional wedding reception. You can do a sit down or buffet-style wedding that feeds your guests and typically follows an afternoon or mid-day wedding.


Guests will know you went all out for your wedding and they also won’t feel rushed.


This is the most expensive type of wedding; therefore, if you are on a tight budget, you may be required to cut certain menu items that you don’t necessarily want to. Also, these types of weddings go late, which means you won’t be able to leave for your honeymoon until the next day.

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