Wedding Bouquets: Why They Cost a Lot and How to Avoid It


No wedding is free, but there are always ways to cut back. Unfortunately, one of the most expensive parts of your wedding is the wedding bouquet. Flowers themselves are expensive. Even in bulk, you’re going to spend a pretty penny. But, the good news is that no matter how low your budget is, there is always a florist out there that can help you lower the cost and you always have alternatives to make it a little more affordable.

Why They Cost So Much


Flowers cost a lot for numerous reasons. If they aren’t in season, you’re paying to fly them in. Also, if there is a drought, florists have to pay more just to keep their flower stock in supply. Some flowers naturally cost more than others too. If you want a fancy design or a really lavish bouquet, you are going to spend a little more.

Also, remember you are paying for the art of creating a flower bouquet. The people behind those bouquets have had years of training picking the right flowers, creating the right combinations and transforming your bouquet into something unique — so yes, you are going to pay more for it.

How to Save on Wedding Bouquets and Flowers


There are still things you can do to lower the price, but you have to be savvy. Some ways to lower the cost of wedding bouquets and wedding flowers include:

  • Only using flowers that are in season. While you can get flowers year-round, ones that are in season are always cheaper than ones that are grown out of season.
  • Tell your florist your budget. Be honest about how much you can spend and they will give you an idea of what bouquets and flowers you can expect, but also help design something that stays in your budget, but doesn’t look like a budget display.
  • Use post-holiday flowers. Have your wedding close to a holiday and the church is likely to already be decorated with the flowers for the season — so you don’t have to buy as many.
  • Have your wedding in a garden. Natural gardens or venues that have outdoor areas are already decorated and come as part of your venue rental cost. That means you won’t have to spend as much on decorative flowers, and you’ll have more in the budget to spend on your wedding bouquet.
  • Avoid February altogether. Valentine’s Day and winter combine in February to sky rocket the price of flowers.
  • Use fruits as fillers. You can use fresh or dried fruit to fill your bouquet and save on space.
  • Non floral elements can also be used to help set your bouquet apart and put less emphasis on the flowers. Such as peacock feathers.
  • Find other ways to cut in the budget. If you really have a bouquet in mind, there is always somewhere else you can cut in the budget to make it work.
  • Use fake flowers. Fake or silk flowers can be significantly cheaper and reused. Some brides will sell flowers from their wedding as well, which means you could get them even cheaper.
  • Reuse from other events. Talk to your venue and see what other events are going on the same day. Sometimes two weddings will occur on the same day, and you may be able to split wedding flowers with the other couple — that way everyone saves.