How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

how to use pinterest to plan your wedding

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that has gained popularity over the past years. It can be used for everything from finding unique crafts to home decor to wedding planning. But, the usefulness of Pinterest is all based on how you use it. If you want to know how to use Pinterest to plan your wedding, there are a few things you’ll need to learn first.

Make a Profile

make a profile

If you do not have one already, go to Pinterest and create a profile. Their systems is very user-friendly, and will walk you through the steps required to make your profile. You can link your Pinterest account to a social media account or just use your email to sign up. You may want to use social media if you plan to share your wedding planning ideas.

What Does Pinterest Offer Brides?

What Does Pinterest Offer Brides?

You are most likely already scouring the internet looking for ideas for your wedding. Perhaps you have found a few colour ideas, maybe a centerpiece or two, or perhaps you have already found your dress. Back in the day, you would have to either print all of those ideas and keep them safe or bookmark them – cluttering up your bookmark bar. With Pinterest, every idea you find on the web can be “pinned” to your board – allowing you to access it in the future.

But, there are also plenty of ideas already sitting on Pinterest waiting for you to use or re-pin. You can do a quick search in the Pinterest search bar for things like “wedding decor”, “wedding dresses”, “wedding planning ideas.”

Creating Your Boards

creating boards

You will want to create a board for your wedding. You can pin all of your ideas to a single board that is dedicated to your wedding or you can separate everything into smaller categories, such as having boards for:

  • Dress Ideas
  • Wedding Decor
  • Colors
  • Cake and Catering Ideas
  • Wedding Gifts

Share Your Ideas

share your ideas

The best thing with Pinterest is that you can share those ideas of yours with friends, family and bridesmaids. If they already have Pinterest, you can add them to your boards so that they can not only see your pins, but add to each board with the ideas they find. They can also comment on the pins you already have. You will need to add the individuals to each board you want them to access.

Using Your Bridesmaids

using your bridesmaids

Pinterest is all about sharing and collaborating. You do not have to learn how to use Pinterest alone. Instead, you can enlist the help of your bridal party – having them scour the Internet and Pinterest to find excellent wedding ideas.

Use Pinterest to Find Your Wedding Theme

wedding themes

There are tons of ideas on Pinterest, especially when it comes to themes. If you are looking for a creative wedding theme idea, start looking at Pinterest.

Follow Brands and Wedding Experts

Wedding experts

Your favorite wedding brands and experts are most likely already on Pinterest. Follow their boards. By doing so you’ll get access to the items they’re pinning, but also you can see what the latest wedding trends and products are.

Pinterest is a bride’s best tool. It allows you to access ideas, share them with friends, and