10 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Bands

picking the perfect wedding bands

Your wedding bands will be on your fingers for the rest of your lives. That is a big decision to make. Whether you are shopping together or you are picking out each other’s rings, you may find yourself struggling to pick the perfect one. This guide is designed to help you choose wedding bands you both will love for years to come.

Side note: Kev lost his wedding band after 6 months and is still waiting to get the new one resized, big tip guys make sure it fits properly and is not too loose.

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#1: Do Rings Need to Match?

rings need to match

A lot of couples assume that their wedding bands need to match. But, they really don’t. If you have your own personal style and your soon-to-be-spouse has another, there’s no reason for one to sacrifice their style just for matching wedding rings. Instead, get a band that matches your style and preference. It’s the band on the finger that counts – not the colour or style.

#2: Engagement Rings and Bands

engagement rings and bands

Some couples skip the engagement rings and move straight to bands. If you’re getting engaged first, you may want the engagement ring. It is all about your preference. If you don’t want an engagement ring, don’t buy one.

#3: Buy a Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Together

Buy a Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Together

If you are surprised with your engagement ring, this step may not be possible. But, if you go shopping together, see about getting the wedding bands and engagement ring together – that way they match and your band can be created to bond with your engagement ring.

#4: Start the Wedding Band Shopping Early

Start the Wedding Band Shopping Early

Do not buy bands a week before the wedding, or even a month before. Your bands may need to be ordered and sized, which could take a few weeks. So, try shopping for the bands at least three months before the wedding day.

#5: Set a Budget and Stick to It

Set a Budget and Stick to It

Wedding bands can be costly, especially if you get ones with diamonds. Set a budget for how much you want to spend, and do not look at wedding bands over that budget – regardless of how pretty they are.

#6: Consider Both of Your Lifestyles

Consider Both of Your Lifestyles

Big wedding bands are not practical for everyone. Consider what you do for a job and how your wedding band could impact that before you pick just any band.

#7: Take Your Time

take your time

The wedding band you choose is something that will stay on your finger for years – decades most likely. So, do not rush the decision. Take your time trying on bands, shopping and really make sure the rings you choose are ones you are both happy wearing for a lifetime.

#8: Factor in Maintenance

factor in maintenance

Some wedding rings are more costly to maintain than others. You may need your ring redipped as it chips, it may require frequent cleaning and if it has diamonds, that could be costly to replace if one falls out. Do not forget the maintenance or replacement factor when shopping.

#9: Don’t Limit Yourself to Just Gold

Don't Limit Yourself to Just Gold

There are so many types of metals out there today – and way more than gold. You have silver, platinum, titanium and even tungsten to choose from.

#10: Get Sized

get sized

If you are shopping online, know your size before you buy. Some styles of rings cannot be resized, such as tungsten. Go to your local ring shop and have your fingers sized to make sure you’re purchasing the right size wedding band.

Hope you enjoy these tips,  we love to hear your stories so far so just drop us some comments below