Tips for Picking Your Bridesmaids

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Picking your bridesmaids isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be difficult either. Instead of stressing over who you will pick, you can pick your bridal party using these simple methods for dwindling down the list.

What Type of Wedding Are Your Having?

what type of wedding

The type of wedding you’re having determines how many bridesmaids you’ll need. Formal weddings can have up to 12 bridesmaids, while casual weddings could just have up to three. Also, you don’t want a large about of bridesmaids, when you just have 50 guests coming to the wedding. So, scale the number of bridal party members you need to the actual size of your wedding.

More Isn’t Always Better

more isn't always better

All too often brides assume they need a massive bridal party to get the most effect of their wedding, but bigger isn’t always better. The more bridesmaids you have, the more potential issues you could have too. Not only are you limited on dress code by your bridesmaids figures and budgets, but you also have to remember that with each bridesmaid you add to the party, that is one more added bill on your wedding budget.

Blood First When Picking Your Bridesmaids

blood first

It doesn’t matter how close you are to your sister or cousin, it is best to go with family first, friends second. Including your family in the wedding will help you avoid any unnecessary conflict too — which is always nice during a high-tension time.

Don’t Feel Obligated

dont feel obligated

Just because someone asked you to be a bridesmaid in their wedding doesn’t mean you have to ask them to do the same in your wedding. Weddings are no time for paying back and it is about what and who you want in your wedding — not what everyone thinks they’ve earned. So if you’re picking your bridesmaids based on who asked you in the past, start over.

Consider Geography When Picking Your Bridesmaids

consider geography

How close are the people you’re considering for your bridesmaids? Will they have to drive a long distance to fulfill their duties? How often do they need to meet with each other? If you have a lot of friends who live a few hours (or even countries away), you may want to just invite them to the wedding, but not give them a highly stressful role that they cannot possibly fulfill while living so far away from the event. Plus, you don’t want to risk something coming up and a bridesmaid unable to make it — such as flight delays, travel issues, etc.

Never Assume People Want to Be a Bridesmaid

never assume

Just because you wanted to be one doesn’t mean people you know want the obligation. Being a bridesmaid is a big role and not everyone has the time or efforts to take it on. Ask your friends and family first. Also, the same goes for assuming someone wouldn’t want to be part of the wedding. Just because they don’t have the money or live far away doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to take on the role of a bridesmaid.

Guys Can Be Bridesmaids Too

guys can be bridesmaids

The days of just women-only for bridesmaids are over. In fact, more modern brides are including their close guy friends when picking bridesmaids for the big day.

There Are Other Roles Too

other roles

If you can’t fit everyone you want into the role of a bridesmaid, don’t forget about other roles you have to fill. Weddings typically need ushers, people to do readings and even someone to speak during the reception — all roles friends and family members would love to take on.