Reasons to Consider a Morning Wedding

morning wedding

Think of how many weddings you have been to (or at least been invited to) and you will notice a big trend: they are all in the evening. But, what makes an evening wedding so great? The truth is, people just pick evenings because they think it is convenient. What they do not realise is that they are often paying more for that “convenience” and in more ways than one.

Morning weddings have plenty of advantages – and price is only one of them. If you are looking for a way to create a unique wedding ceremony, consider going for an earlier start time – or even aim for sunrise. There is nothing better than fresh, morning air and bird songs singing during your nuptials.

Even better, most venues will give serious discounts for weddings that happen in the morning – even during wedding season. So, you may be able to get a discount even if you want to get married right in the middle of summer.

Think About It, The Perfect Setting

Think About It, The Perfect Setting

Think about morning and what makes it so beautiful. The sun is slowly creeping up, the temperatures are mild – and if it is a humid time of the year, the humidity is a little less intense around this hour. Even better, you have plenty of natural light and if you choose an outdoor wedding, your guests get to inhale crisp, fresh morning air – leaving everyone feeling invigorated.

Pros of a Morning Wedding

Pros of a Morning Wedding

There are plenty of reasons to have a morning wedding. While they aren’t popular, that doesn’t mean they aren’t the perfect time of day for a wedding. Just a few reasons to consider a morning wedding include:

  • Cost – No matter what supplier you’re hiring, you are going to get a discount for a morning wedding or any event that ends before afternoon. But, that isn’t the only place you will save. While you will get discounts, think about the menu itself. Breakfasts, brunches and lunches often allow you to substitute expensive dinner items for light, simple food. You also save on lighting – because you don’t have to pay for artificial light to get those photos just perfect. Also, the liquor tab on your open bar will be much lighter – because no one is going to get smashed before noon.
  • Food – The food choices are much easier for morning weddings. You can serve up a waffle and pancake bar (talk about inexpensive, but fun)or even go with a lunch-type menu or BBQ menu. No matter what, the food is lighter and lighter means cost-effective.
  • You Won’t Be Rushed – Evening weddings mean couples are rushed by the end of the night. The reception is cut short, they have time for just one dance then they are rushed out the door. With a morning wedding, you have all day. If you leave for your honeymoon the next day, you still have an evening together where you aren’t whisking away to a hotel room for two hours sleep.
  • Breathtaking Photos – The light creates exceptional wedding photos. You don’t have to worry about running out of natural light or artificial lights making your skin paler or your dress not as gorgeous. You also have more time throughout the day to get photos and your photographer isn’t rushing you to snap all of those moments before the light runs out.
  • You Can Get Married on Holidays – If you want to get married on Valentine’s Day or even New Year’s Eve, a morning wedding means guests don’t have to choose their own event over your wedding. Of course, avoid Christmas morning weddings – since most people do not want to be at a wedding when they can be at home enjoying presents and family.

Cons of a Morning Wedding

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For some couples, there may be a few cons to a morning wedding – but these cons are so minor, most couples do not even look at them. Just some of the drawbacks to a morning wedding include:

  • Availability – While you may find discounts, not all suppliers offer morning services. This is because they primarily work in the afternoons and evenings; therefore, they have limited staff available for the morning hours. So, you may have less suppliers to choose from and do a price comparison for.
  • You’ll Have to Wake Up Early – For your morning wedding to start at 11, you will want to wake up around 6 or 7 in the morning to get ready. For some, that may be a deal breaker.
  • Some Guests May Not be Available – Depending on the day of the week, some guests may not be up for an early morning wedding – or even available. Some people have to work in the mornings and others may not be able to find a sitter for their kids during early ceremonies. But, this could be a good thing too – because then you can invite plenty of people without worrying about an overloaded venue.

You Don’t Have to be That Early

You Don't Have to be That Early

Do not let the word “morning” throw you off. If you and your soon-to-be-spouse aren’t early risers, you don’t have to do a sunset wedding. In fact, you could aim for a brunch wedding – with the ceremony starting at 11 o’clock. This gives your guests plenty of time to wake up early and get out the door -and still gives you enough time to get ready without waking up while the sun is still asleep.

A morning wedding definitely has its advantages – and it is more unique because most couples skip the morning hours for their weddings. So, if you are having a difficult time figuring out when you should get married, do not discount the beauty of a morning wedding ceremony.