10 Easy Wedding Updos for Summer

wedding updos for summer

For your wedding, you want those long tresses out of your face and off your neck. We don’t blame you! Summer can be extremely hot and humid and under all of the fabric of your wedding dress, you might feel like hair draped over your neck and shoulders will be nothing more than a sweat-fest for your special day.

These wedding updos are not just perfect for summer weddings – they’re great for long hair in general. Whether you’re doing your hair yourself or hiring someone, we’ve kept them simple because those simple hairstyles are easy to do and still romantic and chic.

A Few Tips First – To Ensure the Perfect Wedding Updos

A Few Tips First - To Ensure the Perfect Wedding Updos

Summer will bring on the unwanted frizz – and you want your hair flawless, silky and shiny on your wedding day. To get that picture-perfect look during the warm summer months, you’ll need to do a little prep work first.

  • After you shampoo, apply a moisturizing conditioner and leave it on for a little while. It is best if you apply a deep conditioner once to twice a week starting a few months before the wedding so that your hair is super moisturized by wedding day. But, just applying a thick conditioner the day of will help tame those frizzies too.
  • Before you blow dry, do not forget to apply mousse or a primer to keep any flyaways at bay.
  • When you blow dry your hair, use a low setting – even better, just let it air dry. Air drying will prevent any frizzies and keep your hair silky smooth. If you have dark hair, you may want to dry the roots at least, because air drying may leave flakes for some people and it is noticeable with dark hair.
  • Consider adding sun-kissed highlights to your tresses at least three weeks before the wedding. This gives you a natural look, but also allows your hair enough time to recover and not have dead ends on the wedding day. Do not try to highlight the week of, just in case your highlighted colour doesn’t come out right.
  • Moist climates lead to frizz, while dry climates lead to split ends and straw-like hair. If you have hair that easily frizzes, avoid any wedding updos that are tight – because it will accentuate the frizz. If your hair is worn down and dry, apply a thick hair mask the night before your wedding as well as a curl enhancer to keep your locks looking hydrated and refreshed on the big day.
  • Carry around finishing spray and pomade on the big wedding day to smooth out any frizzes that may show up.

10 Gorgeous Summer Wedding Updos

10 Gorgeous Summer Wedding Updos

There are so many different and unique wedding updos out there, but some are too complex. You want a hairstyle that can be easily fixed, just in case you need a touch up during the big day.

For a few ideas to get you started, we have complied a list of our 10 favorite, yet easy summer wedding updos.

rope braid updo

1. The Rope Braid Updo – This is stunning and can be breathtaking with any hair colour. While it looks complex, the rope braid is really easy when you follow a tutorial. If you do not have super long hair, which you need for this style, you can use temporary extensions to get the look too – and no one will ever know.

slick and chic

2. Slick and Chic – If you are worried about dealing with an elaborate wedding updo, try a chic, slick look. Side part your hair, then slightly slick it back up into a quick updo – it will be immune to the heat and humidity.

messy knotted bun

3. Messy, Yet Organized Knotted Bun – The knotted bun and braid is perfect for the rustic and even the elegant weddings. It is a combination of a braided bun with small knots. If you have frizzy hair or a few flyaways on the big day, it will almost look as if you planned it with this messy, refined look. This is perfect even if you have medium-length hair, because a few strands can hang loosely from the knotted bun for a romantic look.

softened updo

4. Softened Updo – For a more romantic, softened look, pull down a few strands and leave them around your face. You can do a simple round bun (high or low), then curl the strands that you leave down.

twisted wedding hair updo

5. Twisted Wedding Updo – The twisted wedding updo is one of our favorites. It is so polished, yet it doesn’t look too overdone. You can accentuate this style with a few flowers or even gems throughout the curls and twists.

Tight Twisted Bun

6. The Tight Twisted Bun – This is definitely tighter and more sophisticated. There are no loose strands with this one; instead, every hair is neatly tucked in. This is idea if you have long hair and all of the hairs are the same length. You can accent it with flowers, feathers, gems and even just a ribbon for a deceptively simple, yet elegant look.


7. Asymmetrical – Pull back your thick, long hair into an asymmetrical updo. It’s gorgeous, romantic and perfect if you don’t want any accessories in your hair.

messy braid

8. Messy Braid – Do a messy braid with a flower crown and add volume at the roots before pulling the braid back into the bun. It is definitely more rustic, but also very romantic. It is perfect for that bohemian, ethereal look.

mussed up

9. Mussed Up – Create a full bun from mussed-up textured small braids. It looks messy, yet elegant. This braided bun style can stand alone or be accented with flowers.

high bun

10. High Bun – This is a classic and it can really pop if you wear a bright lipstick colour. It’s very simple too – just create a simple, elegant bun on the top of your head. You can dress it up with ribbon, lace or even flowers.

There are plenty of wedding updos that will keep you cool this summer. It all comes down to your style of wedding and how much effort you want to put into your look.

What are your favorite summer-worthy wedding updos? We’d love to hear about them!