8 Most Sought After Destination Wedding Locations

destination wedding locations

Destination wedding events are a growing trend around the world. More couples are opting to say “I Do” somewhere other than local. But, why is going overseas such a popular way to get married? There are a lot of benefits to having a destination wedding – and cost is not just the only reason.

If you are thinking about doing a destination wedding yourself, you are probably wondering about the pros and cons – and of course, where the hottest spots are for such an event.

Why Do a Destination Wedding?

Why Do a Destination Wedding?

There are numerous reasons why couples skip local weddings and go with a destination wedding. But, some of the biggest advantages to these types of weddings include:

  • Affordability – There is no doubt about it, a destination wedding will cost less than a local one. Even if you are paying to travel overseas, the cost of travel and the wedding will still come out cheaper. That is because you don’t have to invite as many people (some couples don’t invite anyone), hotels are willing to toss in wedding packages just to entice couples over for a destination wedding, and it combines the cost of a honeymoon and wedding into one.
  • Easier to Plan – Destination weddings are inherently easier to plan. Even if you do the planning yourself, you don’t have the same suppliers or items to coordinate. You can also do your wedding on a cruise, at a hotel or a local resort that caters to destination weddings – and they will do all of it for you. all you have to deal with is buying a dress and getting your soon-to-be-husband a tuxedo.
  • You Can Avoid Family Pressure – Most couples have to cave to family pressures. Whether it is hosting their wedding at a venue their family prefers or inviting more extended family members than they originally planned – you almost always have to sacrifice something to please a family member. With destination weddings, there just isn’t that same pressure. You can escape all of it, decide who is invited and you are in complete control of the wedding agenda.
  • Honeymoon is Automatically Taken Care Of – A lot of couples stress over planning the wedding and then turning around to plan a honeymoon. With a destination wedding, it is all at the same place. It’s also perfect for your anniversary – because you can go back to your wedding spot and enjoy another vacation.

The Most Sought After Destination Wedding Locations

You could get married anywhere in the world you want. But, there are some places that are the most sought after for destination weddings because of their favorable weather, prices and just the romance associated with them.

#1: Mexico


It is hard for any country to beat Mexico. They are versatile, offer excellent wedding accommodations and the locals are happy to accommodate others from the United States and other countries. Most importantly, it is one of the more affordable wedding destinations. There are plenty of beach resorts ready to offer up their services, the weather is perfect year-round and the views are absolutely breathtaking.

#2: Bahamas


If you want a true Caribbean wedding, the Bahamas is the place to go for your destination wedding. The water is a clear teal blue that is gorgeous in photographs, the weather is perfect, and there are plenty of main islands inside the Bahamas for your wedding.

#3: Kauai


Hawaiian weddings are hot for destinations, especially on the island of Kauai. It is one of the most exciting, tropical islands and while it is smaller, it offers a more romantic, exclusive feel than the more populated tourist-ridden islands of Hawaii.

#4: Caribbean


While the Caribbean covers a large geographical area, we are talking about the main islands. From the Grand Caymans to St. Lucia, there are plenty of islands to get married on. All of them come with luxury, five-star resorts that offer affordable destination wedding packages too.

#5: Jamaica


Jamaica offers miles of golden sand, delightful waterscapes and locals that are so friendly and accommodating, you’ll definitely be in paradise. This is one of the original destination wedding locations – and it caters to hundreds of couples each year who want to get married in an exotic location. From resorts to local churches, you can find just about everything you need for your destination wedding right here.

#6: Italy


While islands and beaches are predominantly the go-to destination wedding location, Italy is still a big contender. Think about it. Italy is romantic, rich in culture and it is a beautiful place to get away. You can visit beautiful sites like Lake Como or even get married on the Isle of Capri. There are so many unique locations within Italy that might surprise you for a wedding.

#7: Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas

While definitely not international or exotic, Las Vegas is still one of the most sought after locations for destination weddings. It has been the wedding spot of choice since Frank Sinatra’s Rat Pack made it the go-to place. There are chapels throughout the city open 24 hours, but you can also have a very classy wedding on the strip or even go in one of the numerous casinos for an upscale wedding experience – all for a remarkably cheaper price than a local wedding. The Bellagio, for example, offers luxury wedding packages that can accommodate up to 50 or more guests for a fraction of the cost of a local wedding.

#8: Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Want to get married in the middle of the rain forest? Want a spot that overlooks the water? Costa Rica has it all. From the perfect weather, agreeable beaches and romantic exotic locations, you can find just about anywhere on this island to suit your needs. It is one of the hottest destination wedding spots to date and it is still surprisingly affordable.

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