How to make your night time wedding reception the best party ever!

How to make your night time wedding reception the best party ever!

A night time wedding reception is the perfect way to celebrate your marriage, in a way that reflects the personalities of you and your partner. Most wedding receptions that you’ll attend will have a similar theme: a buffet meal, a bar and a DJ… but there are plenty of ways of making it a memorable occasion for you and your guests alike. There are plenty of fun wedding party ideas available, without necessarily needing to spend a fortune!



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While it’s probably the most common option at evening wedding receptions, a buffet is by no means compulsory! By going for something different on the food front, you’ll get people talking and give them something out of the ordinary that again could be a reflection on you and your partner’s loves.

Street food is all the rage at the moment, so why not consider this as an alternative to the standard wedding buffet? When it comes to the type of food you go for, there’s plenty of choice: street food suppliers offer everything from fish and chips or burgers to burritos, Japanese curries, noodles, hog roasts and more. Just be sure to pick one that will be able to deal with everyone’s dietary requirements.

After a long day, you might find that people just want comfort food, so how about a pizza bar where they can choose their own toppings, or offering bacon or sausage sandwiches to your hungry guests? It may be a simple option, but it’s cost-effective and will be just what a lot of people need.

To satisfy those with a sweet tooth, you could consider setting up one table as a sweet shop, with plenty of pick and mix options for people to choose from – it will go down well if you’re inviting kids to your wedding too. There are plenty of evening wedding party ideas out there for you to create your perfect day.


Two words: beer festival. If you and your partner are beer or cider lovers, why not buy in kegs of various types, and create a mini festival at your reception? You can print tasting notes for each choice and provide plastic pint or half pint glasses so that people can help themselves. You could even organise wine, beer or spirits tasting sessions with a professional, or to really impress, hire a mobile cocktail bar and create your own signature wedding cocktail.

Added Extras

Photo-booths are becoming more and more popular, with guests getting creative with a fancy dress box before having their photos taken. You can also make sure that they get two copies; one for them and one for a guest-book, meaning that you’ll have even more fun memories of the day.

If the weather’s fine, consider giant versions of games like Jenga and Connect 4 to give people something else to do bar dancing. Ultimately, your wedding is what you make of it, and there are thousands of ways of adding your own creative touches to make your night time wedding reception the best party ever