10 Ways to Keep Guests Entertained at Your Reception

You have spent all of your money and effort creating the perfect reception, but if all you have for your guests is food and a lot of sitting around time, no one is going to have much fun. Luckily there are ways you can entertain your wedding guests and make your wedding the hit of the year — and most of these are friendly to even the strictest wedding budgets.

One: Make a Schedule and Share It

Make a Schedule and Share It

Sometimes if guests know what is going on, they won’t be so bored. You know the schedule for your reception, but did you share it with the guests? Let them know what time drinks are served, when they can eat, when the dances will happen and even when the cake will be cut.

Two: You Can’t Go Wrong with Food

You Can’t Go Wrong with Food

Food is a great way to keep wedding guests entertained. Cocktail hours and appetizers help hold your guests over until meal time, but also help with conversation — everyone loves to talk over food.

Three: Use a Champagne Bar

Use a Champagne Bar

For the toast, create a champagne bar. The bar will have bottles of champagne and then an assortment of fresh fruit your guests can choose for their glasses. It’s simple, but something your guests will enjoy. If you want your guests to have even more fun with the champagne, use a champagne fountain — they are messy, but always fun.

Four: Add Glow Sticks to the Dancing

Add Glow Sticks to the Dancing

Most dance floors get dark at weddings, so have a little fun and have canisters of glow sticks around for your guests to wear. You can even use glow sticks that match your wedding colour palette to keep with your theme.

Five: Set Up an Instagram Party

Set Up an Instagram Party

Everyone has an Instagram account these days. Set up your own hashtag (i.e. #ourwedding2014) and have a sign to encourage your guests to upload their images of the reception to Instagram. Not only is it a great way to make sure you capture all of the moments, but your guests will have some fun trying to capture those candid moments themselves.

Six: Have an “I Spy” Game

Everyone knows the classic “I Spy…” game. A few things you could have them look for (and catch a picture of for a contest) includes:

  • Groom playing with his ring
  • Bride with a sibling
  • People clinking their champagne glasses
  • Someone making a toast
  • Bride and groom holding hands

Seven: Coloring Kits for the Kids

Coloring Kits for the Kids

Kids can get bored at weddings rather easily. Have cute little colouring kits (similar to what you get at a restaurant) for the little ones to stay entertained. If you want to add a personal touch, have them each create their own card for the bride and groom.

Eight: Put Disposable Cameras with the Centerpieces

Instead of hiring a photographer, have disposable cameras with your centerpieces. Encourage guests to capture all of the moments and leave the cameras in a box on their way out. Even if you have a photographer, you would be surprised at the great shots your guests will catch too.

Nine: Hire Entertainment

Sometimes a DJ isn’t enough. You might need to add professional entertainment — like a live band, comedy act, etc. Some brides and grooms have been known to hire magicians or even host dance lessons during their reception.

Ten: Offer Late Snacks

Offer Late Snacks

If your reception runs long, offer a dessert bar to close the party. This can be setup after all of the reception food is put away and gives your guests a little snack for the road too.

Image courtesy of artur84 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net