Hot Trends in Honeymoons for 2014

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Your honeymoon is the first holiday you take together as husband and wife. It’s a time to settle in, relax and indulge a little. But, there are so many choices for a honeymoon. You can go overseas, see something local or visit multiple regions. If you’re not sure what to do or where to go, check out the hottest trends in honeymoons for 2014.



More couples are embracing their outdoor love and going camping. Whether it’s locally or going to some exotic campsite, or even a festival, it’s definitely an off-the-grid experience. Couples can spend some quality alone time together, explore and get their recreational fix at the same time. The experience doesn’t have to be all that rustic. In fact, plenty of couples have rented cabins to get their fix of the woods without literally sleeping in them.

Cooking Classes


If you both have a passion for food, taking cooking classes while on your honeymoon could be a fun experience. You’ll both learn the art of cooking, find new recipes and experience it together. Take cooking classes as part of your destination package — whether you’re in Thailand or Mexico, your travel agent will have access to cooking class information.

Adventure Honeymoons


Are you both the thrill-seeking type? If so, adventure honeymoons will allow you both to get your fix of adventure, while spending quality time together. Some couples choose to dive along the Great Barrier Reef or swim next to sting rays. Others will keep it simple and go to a sporting event. Either way, it’s a great way to bond over your new marriage while doing something you both enjoy.

Renting Private Villas


Hotels can be crowded and don’t give you that sense of alone time you need for your honeymoon. Private villas are becoming more popular with resorts and private companies. These villas are secluded, often have their own private beaches, and give you and your new spouse some quality time together. Most private villas are available on private, tropical destinations like the Bahamas and in Europe.

Mini Moons

minimoonsFor the couples that aren’t ready to spend a fortune on their honeymoon or just don’t have the time, mini moons are the next best option. These are often short getaways — no more than a weekend. They give couples a chance to get out and get away to celebrate their honeymoon, but leave the door open for a longer excursion down the road.

Country Hopping


Some couples cannot decide where they want to go, so they go everywhere. Visiting multiple countries in a span of two weeks. Most couples choose Europe, because they have plenty of countries to choose from that are close to one another — but other couples who don’t mind spending a little more will travel between continents.

Hiring a Honeymoon Photographer


While it’s not a destination, more couples are hiring photographers to catch their moments on their honeymoon. Granted he won’t follow you around the entire trip, but if you want to capture a few moments without doing the work yourself, a photographer is a good idea.

It doesn’t matter where you go, so long as you both are excited to be there. Take your time planning out your honeymoon destination, talk with some travel agents, and make sure it fits your budget and preference.

Readers: What honeymoon trend have you been dying to try out? Share your ideas with us!