10 Big Wedding Mistakes You Must Avoid

You have spent all of your time planning out every aspect of the big day. But, did you cover all of your bases? A lot of brides have big wedding planning mistakes hiding in the corners — and these mistakes could unravel all of your tight planning. Luckily you can avoid a hiccup on your wedding day by avoiding these 10 big wedding mistakes.


#1: You Didn’t Spend Time on the Guest List

Your guest list determines a lot for your wedding — venue, the caterers, etc. While it might not be a fun part of wedding planning, sit down with your fiance and create a guest list. Get a firm count so that you can get accurate catering estimates and more importantly, reserve a venue that will fit all of your guests.


#2: Blowing Your Budget on a Dress


Yes, wedding dresses are important. But, you have set aside funds for that dress for a reason. You need money for catering, flowers, venue and suppliers. If you walk out of the bridal dress shop with a £10,000 dress, but only budgeted £2,000, you are going to have to cut other parts of the wedding — which might not be fun.

#3: Changing the Colour Palette Close to the Wedding

Colour Palette Close to the Wedding

You have had your heart set on a teal wedding only to realise teal is no longer cool a few months before the big day. Changing your colour palette too close to the wedding is just asking for issues. If you aren’t 100% positive about your colour choices, stick to classic black and white and pick an accent colour. Accent colours, versus a main colour, are a lot easier to swap out last minute.


#4: Trying to Lose Too Much Weight Before Your Last Dress Fitting


Yes, every bride wants to look her best on the wedding day — we get that. But, buying a wedding dress that isn’t fitting the real you today won’t help you in the future. It causes way too much stress — and could cost you thousands of pounds — to buy a dress that you will not fit in if you do not drop a few dress sizes by your last fitting. Pick a dress that fits today — rather than a dress you may fit into by the wedding day.

#5: Planning the Wedding All By Yourself

Planning the Wedding

Brides assume they can do it all on their own, but planning a wedding isn’t easy. Instead of trying to do it all solo, enlist the help of your bridesmaids or save yourself the hassle and hire a wedding planner (at least part-time).

#6: Doing Everything Last Minute

Yes, technically you could plan a wedding in two months, but if you have six months, why not use the full six months? Leaving stuff for last minute means you may not get the venue you wanted, may have to settle with a subpar supploer, etc. Give yourself ample time to plan the wedding and spread out your to-do’s so that the big items are done a few months before the big day.


#7: Being Attached to a Particular Detail

Whether it is a type of flower, colour or style of dress, being obsessed with a particular detail can throw off your entire wedding. Yes, you love tropical flowers, but you aren’t doing a tropical wedding theme. You’ll cause yourself more stress trying to incorporate those flowers than just going with something that does work.

#8: Booking Suppliers on Price, Not Skill

Everyone has a budget, but if you’re booking your suppliers based solely on their price and not their experience, you could wind up with a poor performance. Don’t sacrifice quality for price. There are plenty of quality suppliers out there that will work with you and your budget.


#9: Worrying About Pleasing Everyone

Pleasing Everyone

Your mother-in-law wants roses, your dad wants you to play a special song, etc. Remember that it is your wedding — so you need to be happy with it. If you try to please everyone, you’ll go crazy.

#10: Not Discussing the Wedding With Your Partner

Discussing the Wedding With Your Partner

It’s easy to get caught up in the planning process and forget that there is another person involved. Before you finalize all of your wedding plans, consult your significant other and make sure you’re both on the same page.

I hope these easy to follow tips really help you today with planning, any questions or help give us a shout.