Holiday Wedding? Tips for Planning a Wedding Around the Holidays



Holidays are busy enough – but if you have a holiday wedding coming up, you can easily become overwhelmed. Even if your wedding is immediately after the holidays or right before, it does take a little extra planning to make sure your guests will arrive and the holidays don’t take over your special day.

Stay Organized

stay organized

Create a wedding planning notebook to help stay organized. You will need to write everything down, including your wedding planning checklist. Then separate stuff by sections, such as gifts, catering, venues, etc. Whatever you can do to stay organized do it. Because the holidays come with their own hearty to-do list, you need all of the help you can get.

Don’t Plan a Wedding the Same Week as a Holiday

Don't Plan a Wedding the Same Week as a Holiday

While you might want a holiday wedding, make sure your wedding day isn’t on the same day as a national holiday. Christmas, for example, means most people will be busy shopping, going to family events or even traveling – which doesn’t leave much time to attend a wedding.

Send Invitations Early

send invitations early

Because your wedding is close to a holiday, you will need to give guests as much notice as possible. Shoot for 6 to 8 weeks ahead of time for the wedding invitations – that way your guests can still make it to the wedding regardless of their holiday plans.

Find a Dress for the Weather

dress for the weather

You don’t want a wedding dress that doesn’t suit the weather. If you are going to do pictures outside, wear a long-sleeved wedding dress or have a cover that matches your gown.

After-Holiday Sales

after-holiday sales

If your wedding is after a holiday, take advantage of post-holiday sales to scoop up cheap wedding decor, party decorations, etc. Some suppliers even offer post-holiday discounts for their services.

Book Vendors Early

book suppliers early

Most suppliers will be tied up for holiday festivities,s o you will need to book a supplier at least three months before your wedding (preferably six months if you can).

Money and Holidays

money and holidays

Holidays often stretch a person’s budget thin as it is, but with a wedding, you may find it difficult to buy gifts for everyone on your list. Most of your family will understand you have other obligations, but still try to get them gifts – especially if they’re coming to the wedding. Consider giving out handmade gifts this holiday season versus purchased ones.

Religious Services and Your Holiday Wedding

Religious Services and Your Holiday Wedding

You may have difficulty getting someone to do your wedding if you overlap a religious service. Some brides desperately want a wedding on Christmas, but realise that their pastor or priest cannot perform the ceremony. Check to see what hours religious ceremonies are being held and see if your wedding can be squeezed