How to Get the Most From Your Wedding DJ



A wedding DJ can really bring the party together. They will play the song you dance your first couple dance together, help keep the guests enjoying the reception and even set the mood. But, not all DJs are created the same and if you are hiring a wedding DJ, you want to get the most for what you’re paying. To make sure you do, here are a few tips to get you started.

Establish Authority

establish authority

DJs may have experience, but it is your wedding. Make sure they know they are not in charge – you are. If you don’t want a wedding DJ that talks during the wedding, let them know. Lay ground rules and don’t be afraid to demand what you want. You are, after all, paying them.

Create a Very Specific Playlist

create playlist

You cannot be made if your wedding DJ doesn’t play the songs you like if you don’t specify what he or she can play. It is up to you to specify your playlist. Create one based on specific categories too, that way they know what to play. Some categories of songs to remember include:

  • Ceremony Music
  • Reception Music
  • Pre-Entrance Music
  • Cocktail Music
  • Dinner Music
  • Dancing Music
  • Daddy/Daughter Dance
  • Mother/Son Dance
  • Last Dance

Can the Wedding DJ Take Requests?

take requests

Will your guests be allowed to give the DJ requests? If so, will there be limits on the types of songs that can be requested? You and your partner need to decide the rules regarding requests — and tell the DJ which songs he may have to deny so that no one is offended by what is played.

Create a Specific Do Not Play List

create a do not playlist

While you may have a list of songs the DJ can play, did you give your wedding DJ a list of what they cannot play what-so-ever? Specify the lists and let the DJ know why the song cannot be played. If you are very picky about what can and cannot be played, you may also want to not allow guests to make DJ requests.

Give Your Wedding DJ Time

give dj time

Do not hand over a list of rules, do not play songs and a playlist the day before the wedding. Give your wedding DJ as much time as possible to prepare for your event — at least two or three weeks if possible. You cannot expect a DJ to prepare their music and accommodate your needs last minute.

Having a wedding DJ is fun.They can really make or break your wedding though. Interview a few DJs and have them try out for their job — not just chat with you. Get references and follow up with past couples to see if the DJ accommodated their needs to. By taking your time and really researching, you can get the most out of your wedding DJ service.