Create the Perfect DIY Wedding Backdrop

diy wedding backdrop

Whether your wedding is taking place in a dull venue or in an outdoor space, a wedding backdrop can make or break the moment. Your backdrop essentially sets the tone of your wedding ceremony – so it is no wonder so many brides lose sleep trying to plan the perfect backdrop.

While some venues offer up their own generic been-there-done-that backdrops, you can create your very own for cheaper and add that unique touch to your wedding that makes it truly your own.

From creating frames to establishing a make-shift alter in the park, there are numerous ways to make the perfect backdrop – and none are too budget breaking.

What is a Wedding Backdrop?

What is a Wedding Backdrop?

A wedding backdrop sits behind the couple during their ceremony. It can also be pulled out for wedding photos – which is perfect if the venue doesn’t have any photo-worthy spots. Wedding backdrops are the perfect opportunity to create your wedding theme  – and they set the tone of the ceremony itself.

There is no rule to what a backdrop should be made out of or what they should look like. In fact, they are 100 percent custom. So, you can do everything from paper to lights to streamers if you wanted. It is all about what you want to see in your most important photo – the ceremony.

Why Create Your Own?

Why Create Your Own?

There are a lot of places online and plenty of local suppliers that sell or rent wedding backdrops, but these are often outdated and have absolutely no creativity to them what-so-ever. Plus, they are garden variety, which means other brides and grooms have used them and there is nothing unique. If you have a more creative wedding theme, most of these generic backdrops won’t compliment the theme itself – and may even clash with it.

Creating your own won’t take a lot of time at all and it is one of the easiest ways to cut the wedding budget. Some companies will sell these backdrops for hundreds of pounds and rent them for a hefty rate. You can create your own for over 50 percent less – making it worth the time investment.

10 Unique Wedding Backdrop Ideas to Get You Started

Not sure where to start with your DIY wedding backdrop? Not to worry. We have 10 super cute and unique backdrops that are easy to make and awesome to look at.

1. Rustic Drapes

Rustic Drapes

This can be indoors or outdoors and is perfect for that rustic or chic-style wedding. If outdoors, consider having the wedding over a large tree. Then use the branches to drape burlap or other fabrics to create your own wedding backdrop. You could even write on the fabric or burlap with your initials or another phrase.

2. Tissue Paper Mural

Tissue Paper Mural

Want something insanely cheap and unique? Crumple up tissue paper and glue it to the wall – you can do it in a shape or just make a big square. Use colours from your wedding, of course, and you have a quick, cheap wedding backdrop that can be fun, unique and definitely colourful.

3. Write It Out

write it out

What is more personal that a wall of words? Using a large paper roll, have the roll unwrap at the top of your heads and work its way down the aisles. This will take a lot of time and you may need some help. But you could write everything from your thoughts about your significant other to favorite poems to your most admired moments and more. After the wedding, roll it up and keep it.

4. Crepe Paper Ribbons

crepe paper ribbons

This is super simple, yet elegant. Just use string or another device to hang up paper crepe ribbon streamers for a flowing, beautiful backdrop. You can use the colours of your wedding to add a little pop and even mix in different streamer colours for fun.

5. Pinwheel Paper Flowers

Pinwheel Paper Flowers

Mix pinwheel paper flowers with crepe paper ribbon backdrops for even more flash. You can use PVC piping to create a large backdrop – and no one will know, because everything is covered by the paper.

6. A Wall of Feathers

A Wall of Feathers

Use feather boas in any colour you want to drape along the wall and create your wedding backdrop. It’s elegant, unique and creates a refined look that can be used for summer, spring and even winter weddings. If you have feathers elsewhere in the wedding, this is a great way to integrate that decorative theme.

7. Hanging Frames

Hanging Frames

Use string to hang empty, open frames and flowers. Stagger the frames and make sure to use various sizes so that you create contrast. So that each frame stands out, have the colours slightly off from one another too and then use your wedding flowers and colours for a little pop.

8. Wooden Heart

Wooden Heart

A simple wooden heart made from tree branches and lit up with small lights is downright elegant. It works perfect for those simple, rustic, yet refined weddings.

9. Coffee Filters

Coffee filters

Dye coffee filters to the colours of your wedding for an insanely gorgeous wedding backdrop. You can create garlands, flower streamers and so much more using a single super cheap ingredient. You will, however, have to start this process somewhat early, since it can take awhile to dye and dry coffee filters.

10. Yarn Balls

Yarn balls

Creating different shaped balls of yarn is a lot easier than you might realise. All it takes are balloons blown up to various sizes, some glue and yarn. Dip the yarn strands in a bowl of glue, wrap around the balloon and then let them dry. Once dry, pop the balloon and you have perfectly symmetrical yarn balls for your wedding backdrop.

No matter how you do it, there are plenty of ways to create a DIY wedding backdrop that is breathtaking and budget-friendly.

What is your favorite DIY wedding backdrop idea? Share it with us!