How to Plan a Picture Perfect Fall Wedding

fall wedding

Fall is a great time to plan a wedding and for good reason: it is downright gorgeous that time of year. If you have just gotten engaged, you might be aiming your wedding date for sometime this fall – but you might also be on the fence as to whether or not that is the right idea.

Why a Fall Wedding?

why a fall wedding

As summer fades into fall, you get a beautiful horizon of golden and rusted leaves, candles and cooler temperatures. Who doesn’t want that for their wedding? No more scorching temperatures or frost-bitten guests – you have the perfect temperature.

If you don’t think a fall wedding is right for you, here are a few reasons to reconsider:

  • Fall just has something about it that creates something intimate and romantic.
  • The colour palette for fall is absolutely breathtaking. From the deep purples to blood red and ivory, there isn’t a colour you won’t like for your fall wedding.
  • The scenery makes for a stunning backdrop. Think about the fall foliage of your favorite park or a row of pumpkins – how could that possibly be a bad background for two people in love?
  • Blankets make it more fun. You can add more creative twists and “thank you” ideas to your plate in the fall – such as leaving everyone some cozy blankets.
  • Believe it or not, there are plenty of flowers in-season during this time of the year. From the dahlia to alstroemeria to roses and carnations, you get the pick of the crop – so to speak.
  • Venues free up. The venues that were once too full in the summer are now ready to go in the fall. One of the most popular fall venues is that of the barn – because then you are outside enjoying those perfect fall temperatures and picture perfect scenes.
  • You can use neutrals and no one will care. For some reason, if you send out neutrals any other time of the year, people think you are too plain. But, if you add a neutral colour to your wedding (or go all neutral) in the fall, you are super creative.
  • There are plenty of fall items that you can use in your wedding to save on decorations – such as pumpkins, apples (which are practically falling from the tree by the way) and even leaves.
  • Candles are more practical in the fall than in the summer or spring.
  • It’s perfect for the budget-savvy couple. Because in the fall, you get cheaper prices for hosting your off-season wedding – which means you may spend less on those nuptials than friends who got married in the middle of summer.

A Few Tips to Pull Off That Perfect Fall Wedding

A Few Tips to Pull Off That Perfect Fall Wedding

While fall is perfect for weddings, and absolutely inspiring, it does have a few drawbacks. For one, you cannot predict the weather in fall – and much like spring, your fall wedding could get an unexpected rain shower or some super chilly nights as the sun goes down.

But, that shouldn’t discourage you from enjoying a fall wedding. Instead, you just need to be a little more prepared (and even a titch creative) while planning your fall time event.

1. Ask for a Deal – Some wedding suppliers will offer you a discount if you just ask – so don’t be shy. Ask about how you can get a cheaper price for your fall wedding and see if your venue offers any special discounts for fall. You may need the savings for a few fall-related prep items – so there’s no harm in asking.

2. Prepare Wedding Guests – Your wedding guests need to be happy, so make sure you warn them about your venue and anything they need to be comfortable. If you are having an outdoor wedding, make sure to tell guests they will be outside – and to bring jackets. People won’t be able to enjoy the wedding magic if they are freezing, so consider adding some portable heaters, a tent or even umbrellas if there is a chance it will rain on the big day.

3. Use fall elements in the big day. They’re free and perfect to let everyone know you’re having a fall wedding. Don’t be shy about asking your wedding planner to stick to fall-only flowers and decor.

Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall Wedding Ideas

When you think of fall, what do you picture? Do you think of apple pie from all of those fresh apples falling from the trees? Do you think of parks and cool breezes?

Everything that inspires you to think about fall should be what you use to design the perfect fall wedding.

Use the season to help point your way to creative wedding decor. For example, fill your centerpieces with apples instead of flowers – makes for a great snack too.

Use pumpkins as part of your decor or even consider having your wedding cake flavored as pumpkin. Fall seems to be more about natural looks too – so consider doing a more natural wedding cake – decorated in deep chocolate or berries. Just about everyone craves pumpkin pie in the fall – so you could host a dessert bar at your wedding with apple and pumpkin pie bites.

Get creative with the drinks, such as having an apple cider bar – complete with different varieties of apple cider.

Embrace fall-like decor. That could include bales of hay, burlap sacks and banners, bird cages, farm-style features and more.

For wedding favors, have a little fun and include something like caramel apples with cute handmade tags out of paper bags.

Do not forget to have your bridesmaids embrace the season with fall colours. Everything from a deep, luscious red to a hunter green to ivory and brown are great for bridesmaids dresses.

What is your idea of the perfect fall wedding? Share your tips and inspiration with us!