Bridal Beauty Do’s and Don’ts


Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. While you may take all of the necessary steps to look your best, there are small bridal beauty mistakes you could make without realizing they’re a big beauty “don’t”. So, to ensure you look your best, we’ve compiled a list of bridal beauty do’s and don’ts for your big day.

Avoid Teeth-Staining Foods the Night Before


The night before your wedding, perhaps even a couple days before your wedding, skip dark-coloured foods, berries and red wine. These all can stain your teeth and take a few days to remove. If your teeth are already stained, consider a professional teeth whitening or use an at-home whitening kit.

Skip the Tanning Salon

tanning salon

You might want to have a perfect brown glow on your wedding day, but tanning the day before could leave you looking darker than you might have expected — or worse, a nasty orange colour. Remember you’re wearing white, so all you need is a slight sun kissed look and you’ll look just fine.

Practice Your Bikini Wax a Few Months Before Your Wedding

bikini wax

Most brides get a full body wax right before the wedding, and plenty do a bikini wax. But, if you’ve never had one, don’t wait until the day before your wedding to try it out. Most people have rashes, bumps and can even be sore for a few days following a bikini wax — especially if they aren’t used to them.

Don’t Change Your Routine What-So-Ever

Bleach Bypass Efx

Do you use a specific laundry detergent? Perhaps you’re on a certain brand of birth control? Whatever you do, don’t change out the type of pills, detergent and other items you have been using for years right before your wedding. Not only could you get a rash, but that rash could end up sticking around and making wedding photos not so great.

Do All the Bridal Beauty Stuff At Least Three Days Before Your Wedding

do all bridal beauty stuff

Perhaps you’re cutting your hair, giving it some colour or getting a facial for your big day. Whatever you do, don’t do it with less than 72 hours before the big day. While you may have had all of these done before, mistakes happen. Give yourself at least three days — that way if something gets messed up, you’re not scrambling to fix it the day before the wedding.

Avoid Salty Foods a Few Days Before the Wedding

avoid salty food

Salt makes you retain water. So if you want to look thin on the big day, avoid sodium a few days before the wedding. That means no fried foods, salty foods or even adding table salt to your dishes. By doing so you can shed two to five pounds — making you look extra thin for your wedding day.

Drink Lots of Water

drink lots of water

Even if you’re afraid you’ll retain water, don’t skimp on your daily water intake. In fact, the more water you drink, the healthier and younger your skin, nails and hair will look. So, keep chugging away. Make it easier by walking around with a water bottle everywhere you go.

Wear Waterproof Makeup

waterproof make up

If you hired a makeup artist for your wedding, make sure they use waterproof makeup. There’s nothing worse than streaks from your running foundation or mascara