How to Avoid the Boring Wedding: Provide the Right Mix of Food and Drinks

right mix of food and drinks

In this second part of our four-part series, you will see how food and drinks can keep your guests sticking it out – especially if you have a long break between the ceremony and reception. If you haven’t already, read the first part of this series about activities you can add to the wedding reception.

Why Food?

why food

Who doesn’t like food? Food is something that brings cultures and groups of people together – and it’s no different at a wedding. Guests get hungry, guests will get bored, and for some reason the right mix of food and refreshment make them stick around for more fun.

Skip the Stuffy Bar

skip the stuffy bar

You may want a bar or liquor served at the wedding, but you can skip the stuffy traditional bar (with a bartender) and go for something more fun. A beer bar, for example, allows your guests to serve themselves. If you want to take it a step further, go with a DIY bar area – that includes ice, mixers and more.

Go with Appetizers – Not a Full Meal

go with appetizers

Appetizers allow your guests to graze all night long, and more importantly, it allows your guests to mingle and walk around while eating. You can serve up an array of appetizers all night so that guests can fulfill those snack cravings.

Offer a Candy Bar or Treats Buffet

Offer a Candy Bar or Treats Buffet

Everyone has a sweet tooth, so what better way to satisfy that than with a treats or candy buffet? This can even second as a wedding favor for your guests – saving you effort and money.

Go for a Late Night Food Truck


You may have served a meal, but if you’re doing a traditional reception, guests could be around hours after that meal. So, give them something fun by ordering up a late night food truck. You can even have guests eat on their own dime (to help save money) or just offer up something budget-friendly, like burgers and fries.

Add Alcohol to Classic Items

Add Alcohol to Classic Items

Having a summer outdoor wedding? Take those traditional Otter Pops and add alcohol to them. Or serve up some jello complete with your favorite liquor. It’s a great conversation starter and cheap way to offer your guests alcohol.

Go a Foot Long

go a foot long

Foot long sandwiches are great for in between meals (in between ceremony and reception), but for a summer wedding, why not offer up a foot long banana split that everyone can dig in and enjoy – it will make for some great photo opportunities too.