Don’t Forget Guests with Kids: How to Entertain All Ages

how to entertain all ages

In this third part of our four part series we will talk about guests with kids. It’s easy to keep the adults entertained, but how much thought have you put into entertaining those younger guests? Regardless of how many kids you’ll have at your wedding, don’t forget about those younger attendees that need to be entertained too.

Find Ways to Include Them

Find Ways to Include Them

A child doesn’t have to be in the wedding party, but try giving them another job or role so that they feel included – especially if that child is part of the family. Giving them purpose will make them feel important – and help keep their attention at the wedding.

Hire Professional Entertainment

hire professional entertainment

Try to hire entertainment that appeals to all ages. That may mean hiring a magician or comedian or even live music. You could even hire a performer just for those young ones at your wedding, such as hiring a fake tattoo or face painter, story teller or a clown.

Make Interactive Centerpieces

interactive centerpieces

Your guests with kids do not need to struggle to entertain their kids while at the table. Make your centerpieces something the kids can play with. Instead of tablecloths, use craft paper to cover your tables and have the centerpieces made from crayons. Then, have the kids draw posters for the bride and groom.

Encourage All Ages to Dance

Encourage All Ages to Dance

If you will have a lot of guests with kids, make sure the DJ plays songs that the entire family can dance to – and make sure the DJ announces that individuals of all ages are welcome on the dance floor.

Use a Kids Table

kids table

You can create a kids table and make it a fun center for kids of all ages. Have a craft zone, fun snacks and games that they can play while sitting there. Sometimes just grouping kids together will keep them entertained more than having each child sit with their parent.

Include Kiddo Games

Include Kiddo Games

Don’t forget to include some games kids can play too, such as a kid-friendly bingo, scavenger hunt or even a bean bag toss.

As long as you take the time to entertain those little ones at the reception, you’ll get your guests with  kids staying that much longer. After all, anyone with kids knows that if the kids get bored, it’s time to go. So keep everyone entertained and having a good time so that you do not lose half of your reception attendance to boredom.