How to Avoid the Boring Wedding: Entertaining with Activities

how to avoid the boring wedding

No one wants to have the wedding that everyone dreads – or worse, the wedding where everyone leaves early because they are bored. We don’t want you to have that either. But, how do you keep your guests entertained for an extended period of time? After all, a wedding can easily run for six hours – and that is a lot of time to entertain people.

In this four-part series, How to Avoid the Boring Wedding: A Series on Keeping Guests Entertained, we are going to show you the different methods at your disposal for having a fun wedding – regardless of how long guests are there. From entertaining with activities to unique ideas that hold guests over until send off, it is all about giving them just enough to stay interested.

In the first part of this series we will go over fun activities that are great for weddings. These activities will keep the party going – and are great for all ages attending the party.

Wedding I Spy


Wedding I SpyHave your guests play the classic “I Spy” game but with a wedding twist. Each table will have their own card, so the tables can work in teams. Each table also has a disposable camera. Then, have them spot or “spy” things and prove it by taking a picture, such as guests that clink their glasses together, the bride and groom sharing a piece of cake, groom’s parents dancing, etc.

Add Board Games



You can add board games to each reception table and it still be a blast. Why not add a game of Jenga to each table, which is a fairly inexpensive game to buy and the more your guests drink, the funner this childhood classic will be. Speaking of Jenga, why not do a life-size Jenga game or oversized chess game.

Ring Toss

ring toss

What could be better than a ring toss at a wedding? Create a crate full of bottles – painted to match the colour of your wedding – then have guests use painted embroidery hoops to see how many rings they can snag.

Rock Band

rock band

Rock band is great if you are a gamer couple. Set up Rock Band as part of the reception entertainment and have guests play to your favorite songs – essentially providing you with entertainment in the process.

Embrace the Drinking Games

wedding drinking game

A lot of couples shy away from drinking games because they don’t think they’re classy enough for a wedding. But, as the hours roll on for your wedding, guests may be in the mood for something more lighthearted and fun. So, don’t be afraid to add a drinking game or two to the late night festivity list.