Things to Not Do Right After You Get Engaged

things to not do right after you get engaged

You just got engaged – and you have the shiny new ring to prove it. Everyone you know is excited, especially yourself. And, while it is easy to let that excitement take over, you need to keep control of yourself and make sure you don’t do anything you can’t undo. Couples often get so caught up in the excitement of their fresh engagement that they don’t stop to think or analyse before making decisions – and unfortunately those decisions can really ruin the tone of your wedding.

So, make sure you don’t commit one of these common mistakes right after you get engaged, take your time, sit down, relax and talk them through with your partner.

Choosing Your Wedding Party Right Away

Choosing Your Wedding Party Right Away

It’s easy to tell a good friend she will be your Maid of Honor or family that they will be bridesmaids, but before you officially offer them positions in your wedding party you should wait. Instead, you need to do the numbers first, which means figuring out your wedding budget and how many people you can afford to invite. You’ll have plenty of time to announce wedding party members down the road.

Don’t Pick a Date without Signing a Venue

Don't Pick a Date without Signing a Venue

It’s easy to tell everyone your wedding date and assume that it will all work out, but have you signed with a venue? Don’t officially announce your wedding date until you have signed a contract with a supplier. The day you want may be taken and if guests are already making travel plans, they will be out the money when they realise it wasn’t the official date.

Don’t Tell Everyone About the Wedding – Until You Know Who You’re Inviting

Until you know who you are inviting

You may want to discuss wedding plans with neighbours, family and even co-workers, but resist the urge to share details with everyone until you know who you’re inviting. There is nothing worse than sharing all the fun details with your coworkers only to not invite them later.

Remember Other People Aren’t in the Same Happy Place

Remember Other People Aren't in the Same Happy Place

While you’re ecstatic that you’re engaged, you may have friends or family member going through a breakup, rocky relationship or even a divorce. Be sensitive to what they’re going through and try to not flaunt your new engagement or excitement right in front of them. If they congratulate you, be thankful, but don’t sit and try to force details of the wedding at them until they are ready – there will be plenty of time for them to come around and they will ask for details when they’re ready to hear them.