5 Ways to Ensure Your Guests RSVP


These days it is like pulling teeth to get guests to RSVP. Unfortunately too many guests do not understand the importance of an RSVP. RSVPs tell you how many guests to plan for when it comes to catering, gifts, etc. So instead of worrying or trying to guess, try theseĀ 5 Ways to Ensure Your Guests RSVP

#1: Send Wedding Invitations Out On Time


If you send your wedding invitations too late, guests may not have time to RSVP. Also, if you send them too early, guests may not RSVP because they do not know what they will be doing. You should send your invitations at least eight weeks before the wedding. This gives your guests up to five weeks to respond and you have a few extra weeks to plan on the RSVP numbers.

#2: Set an RSVP Deadline — And Make Sure It Stands Out

RSVP deadline

A lot of guests just think RSVPs are optional. So, avoid that by putting a clear “RSVP By” date on your invitations. Be firm and make sure that the date is in bold printĀ so that when a guest reads the invitation, they know they only have so long to respond. You should make your deadline on a Friday instead of in the middle of the week. This is because recipients may be too busy during the week to respond or look at their schedule, and during the weekend they will be busy with other plans. Friday is the perfect day for them to look at their schedule, RSVP and get on with their to-do list.

#3: Send Friendly Reminders

friendly reminders

There is nothing wrong with sending a reminder to your guests. In fact, if you send your invitations eight weeks before the wedding, you may need to send a reminder just so that guests do not forget. A week or two before your RSVP deadline, remind your guests gently either via social media, your wedding website, send out cards or even via email. Be polite in your reminder so that guests do not think you are being pushy, but kindly inform them that you need their RSVP in order to plan.

#4: Don’t Use the Word “RSVP”

don't use RSVP

A lot of people don’t know what “RSVP” means, believe it or not. Instead of RSVP, use something like “A reply is needed by…” or “Please respond by…”. That way your guests know what you are asking of them.

#5: Give Alternate Ways to RSVP


Some guests don’t like the idea of checking a card and mailing it back. So, offer multiple ways for your guests to RSVP — such as on a wedding website, sending you an email, or even calling (if you have a small guest count). This also prevents any guests from not sending an RSVP because they missed the deadline.

The more effort you put into getting your guests to RSVP, the more likely you are to get a response. Remember that most guests are not planning a wedding — therefore, they don’t understand all of the planning or stress you’re going through.om