15 Bridal Beauty Tips You Can’t Live Without

bridal beauty tips

Of course you want to look your best on your big day. Perhaps you have even hired a makeup artist. But, never assume they know all the tricks of bridal beauty. While there is a lot of common knowledge out there, there are some bridal beauty tips that get lost in the mix — and they are extremely important. So, before you head down the aisle, make sure you’ve followed the essentials.

#1: Do a Makeup Trial

makeup trial

Do not test your bridal makeup the day of the wedding. Instead, do a trial run at least three weeks prior to the big day to see how it looks. Wear a white t-shirt so that you can compare the contrast of the makeup to the white (simulating the white of your dress).

#2: Don’t Plaster it On

dont plaster it on

You’re not a wall being repaired. Bridal makeup doesn’t have to be thick and cake-like. In fact, the fresher and more natural it looks, the better and more realistic you’ll appear in your wedding photos.

#3: Don’t Forget the Neck and Shoulders

neck and shoulders

You might have a great look on your face, but does the shade match your upper body? You need to apply the same foundation, highlighters, etc. on your neck and shoulders so you don’t have that obvious tell-tale “I’m wearing makeup” look.

#4: Make Sure You Waterproof


Stick to the waterproof makeups if you can. You are likely to shed a tear or two on your wedding day — and there’s nothing worse than running makeup.

#5: Don’t Ignore the Eyebrows

dont ignore the eyebrows

You should be waxing and shaping your eyebrows, but also you need to make them standout in photos. So, shade in the brows using a brow makeup. Don’t go overboard though — you don’t want to look like a clown.

#6: Apply in Natural Light

natural light

Avoid sitting under heavy lighting while applying makeup. Instead, have your makeup tested and done under natural light. That way you can assess the colour and see how it will really look to everyone else.

#7: Condition Your Hair

condition your hair

Deep condition your hair a day or two before the wedding so that it is thicker, silkier and you don’t have any frizz. Do not change the colour of your hair the first few days before your wedding though — there is nothing worse than testing a hair colour before your big day.

#8: Maintain All Day

maintain all day

Your makeup from the morning won’t last all day. So, make sure you’re prepared to (or your makeup artists is prepared to) maintain and check on your look all day long.

#9: Give Yourself Time

give yourself time

You should give yourself at least 45 minutes to do makeup and another hour to do your hair before the ceremony. So, plan accordingly.

#10: Don’t Go Goth

dont go goth

All too often brides go overboard and use dramatic, very dark makeup on their eyes. While you have to contrast the white of your dress, that doesn’t mean you need to go super dark. Find a balance between dramatic and natural.

#11: Don’t Let Your Makeup Artist Take the Lead

dont let makeup artist

Your makeup artist doesn’t know you personally. You need to help define your look and what you want to look like on your wedding day. Don’t let them take over. Sure, get their input, but make sure your makeup looks how you want it to on that special day.

#12: Highlight


Add some highlights to your hair colour to make it pop, and add some highlighter into the makeup as well. By highlighting your brow bone you can make your natural eye colour really pop.

#13: Don’t Do Everyday Makeup

dont do everyday makeup

Your wedding makeup will vary greatly from your everyday or even your night out makeup. You need professional-grade makeup products and you’ll have to use new techniques. Therefore, it is best to hire someone who knows what they are doing — or have a friend who knows what they are doing to assist you.

#14: Take Care of the Skin

take care of the skin

Make sure you drink lots of water and take care of your skin before the big day. If you don’t get a lot of sleep, make sure to use concealer and hide those dark circles.

#15: Protect the Gown

protect the gown

Have your makeup done before you put on your gown. Most gowns are put on from the feet up, so you can have your makeup applied and set before you put on the dress. If you are doing your makeup while in your gown, wear something over it so that nothing accidentally spills on it.

Readers: What bridal beauty tips do you have to add?