How to Collect your Guests Photos of your Wedding with an App


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You do not want to miss a thing at your wedding. That is why you hired a photographer. But, it’s your photographer’s job to follow you around for the entire wedding – not everyone else. While they are following you around, they could miss critical moments with your guests – things you want to capture and remember, in todays blog We are going to show you how to collect your guests photos of your wedding with an App.

Back in the day, to catch these moments you would request your guests become photographers – and often supply them with disposable cameras. While this is a great idea, those disposable cameras take up space and can be easily lost – which means you lose out on your photos.

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That is where the Wedding SnapApp comes in. This unique smartphone app allows your guests to capture those moments on their own smart phones – which they are likely to have on them during the wedding. It’s a great way to snap all of the photos, share them and not worry about losing digital cameras. Even better, you can have the photos captured play live at your event.

Saves Money

saving money


The Wedding SnapApp helps you save the money you would spend developing your disposable cameras. Also, because most pictures taken with disposable cameras are low-quality, you could be paying to develop poor-quality photos. With the app, you have digital photos you can fix, crop, or trash without paying to develop them.



The Wedding SnapApp allows you to create up to four albums for no extra charge. That means you could set up one for your hen night, one for your groom’s stag night, one for the wedding, etc. Each album is automatically sorted and assigned their own code.

Instant Shares

instant shares

Photos are stored on your timeline through the app, so you can instantly share them via social media, text, and of course, through your online site.

Also, if your venue participates, you can have a live slide show of your photos and they will appear as the guests snap them – this will not only encourage guests to participate, but can add a little entertainment to your reception.

How Much Does It Cost?

how much does it cost

The Wedding SnapApp is not free, but remarkably affordable. The Classic package starts at 49.50, while the Enhanced is 59.50 and Moderated 129.50. For the price your album is activated in 24 hours and your photos are stored on the servers for six months – giving you plenty of time to do what you need with them.

Is It Worth It?

is it worth it

If you want to save money and hassle, the Wedding SnapApp is definitely worth the cost. After all, you are likely to spend much more on disposable cameras or even photo booths.

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