10 Tips for Having a Green Wedding

green wedding

You don’t have to be all about solar power to know that weddings can be wasteful. If you are an eco-conscious couple, you have probably been looking for creative ways to have a green wedding. Green weddings are growing in popularity and luckily, there are plenty of ways you can make your wedding more eco-friendly without sacrifice.

1. Invitations


Invitations are the easiest to go “green.” Instead of using traditional paper invitations, consider digital ones via email or social media. If you absolutely must have invitations sent in the mail, stick to recycled invitations made from recycled paper. Instead of printing them, hand write your invitations. It will not only save on ink, but it will be a lot more personal.

2. Create an Eco-Friendly Bridal Registry

bridal registry

Remember that the purpose of a “green” wedding is to avoid waste. So, when planning out your registry, pick eco-friendly items. Stick with items you can reuse, better yet, items you will for sure use. If there is an eco-friendly store you like to shop, but they don’t have a registry, ask if they could set one up or create a list of items from that store and list them on your wedding website.

3. Ask for Charitable Donations

charitable donations

Instead of gifts, consider asking guests to contribute toward your favorite environmental movement or charity. This avoids useless gifts going to waste and ensures that money goes somewhere that matters. You could even ask that guests donate toward your honeymoon rather than for gifts you will never use.

4. Skip the Flowers

skip the flowers

If you can, skip flowers altogether and use other items. If you absolutely must use flowers, then stick to organic flowers that are free from herbicides and pesticides. Instead of using flowers for decor, use branches, rocks, and other items that are found naturally. You could even cut up small pieces of sod and use them for centerpieces, then plant them after the wedding.

5. Use Local, Seasonal Foods

seasoned foods

Stick with local food suppliers and use seasonal items that are grown organically. By going local, you are not only promoting less pollutants, but you are promoting local commerce.

6. Pick an Eco-Friendly Venue

eco-friendly venue

Not all venues are eco-friendly. Look for a venue that thinks of the environment, such as a botanical garden or venue that uses solar power. Hotels and ballrooms use tons of electricity and water as well as not-so-eco-friendly products to decorate for weddings. If you can, get married outdoors and embrace nature for your wedding. If you need to be indoors, pick a local venue that cuts down on how much travel guests must do in order to get there.

7. Don’t Get Printed Photos

don't get printed photos

Instead of printing your wedding photos, consider digital. You can post them online or even put them in a digital picture frame at home so that you are constantly flipping through your photo album.

8. Think “Green” When Picking Wedding Favors

wedding favour

Wedding favors are often the biggest waste to a wedding budget. If you insist on having favors, do edible favors that won’t go to waste. Or, consider giving your guests something that promotes the environment, such as a plant or batch of herbs to grow at home.

9. Recycle and Reuse as Much in Your Wedding as You Can

wedding decor

Your wedding decor can be made from recycled and reused materials. Go to junk yards, antique stores, etc. and look for items you can repurpose into your wedding. For example, old mason jars can be painted and filled for gorgeous centerpieces, while burlap sacks can be cut and used to create wedding favors, table runners and even sashes for your chairs.

10. Donate What’s Leftover


After your green wedding is over, see what you can donate — whether that is flowers, food or even decor. That way, nothing goes to waste.

Readers: Are you planning a green wedding? How do you plan on pulling off your eco-friendly event?