Wedding Photos You Need for Your Wedding Album

wedding album

Wedding photos should be beautiful, but they should also tell a story. They need to capture the memory of your wedding day, including the look on the groom’s face as you walk down the aisle, the dress, and so much more. If you are hiring a wedding photographer, make sure to request that he or she captures these critical moments – that way you can ensure you have a beautiful wedding to look back on.

Wedding Photos You Need to Catch

1. Getting ready for the wedding. That includes having your hair or makeup done, stepping into your dress, etc. This is, after all, an exciting moment.

getting ready for the wedding2. A picture of the gown. Snap a shot of your wedding dress on the hanger before you put it on.

wedding dress on a hanger

3. The shoes you wear are likely to be underneath a wedding dress all day. So, be sure to have your wedding photographer snap a photograph of them before they go on – since that is likely the only time they’ll be seen.

wedding shoes

4. Before you take the bouquet out and especially before you toss it, get a photo of it in pristine condition.

wedding bouquet

5. Still life shots of your bridal jewelry, your “something old”, your “something new”, etc.

wedding jewelry

6. Pictures of the mother-of-the-bride helping you get ready – such as zipping up your gown or putting on your veil.

mother of the bride and bride

7. A full-length shot of your gown from behind or you looking at yourself in the mirror – these are so dramatic and gorgeous for wedding albums.

full-length shot of your gown

8. A picture of your bridesmaids when they first see you in your wedding dress – you are sure to capture a few “ooohs” and “ahhhhs”.


9. A picture of the father-of-the-bride seeing you in your dress for the first time.

father of the bride

10. Bride and the bridesmaids together.

Bowers Harbor Inn Traverse City MI wedding photograph

11. A picture of the groom getting ready. All too often there are no photos of the groom getting ready for his big day – and you want to remember that moment just as much as the bride getting ready.

groom getting ready

12. Picture of the groom with his best man.

groom and best man

13. Interior and exterior shots of the ceremony area and reception hall before and after guests arrive.

wedding reception


14. Bridal party, grandparents and others walking down the aisle.

walking down the aisle

15. Picture of the bride and father walking down the aisle.

father and bride walking down the aisle

16. Picture of the groom’s face when he sees the bride for the first time.

groom's face seeing bride for the first time

17. Pictures of both sets of parents watching the ceremony – including the tears.

wedding reactions

18. A few close-ups of the couple during the ceremony and immediately after.

close up photo of couple

19. Photos of the bride and groom at the reception.

couple at the reception

20. Photos of the father-and-bride dance as well as the bride and groom’s first dance.

couple first dance

21. Pictures of the cake cutting.

couple cake cutting

22. Pictures of the bride and groom’s send-off.

wedding send off