Tips for Finding the Perfect Tuxedo

tips for finding the perfect tuxedo

There is a lot of emphasis on finding the right wedding dress, but grooms want to look handsome (perhaps even sexy) on their big day too. For a flattering look, men need the right fitting tuxedo – which isn’t easy to do. Whether you are shopping for a rental or a keeper, there are a few things you can do to make sure the tuxedo you get is a perfect fit.

Use these tips while trying on a tuxedo as well as during the fittings.

  • Collar – Your collar should lie flat on the back and sides. There should be no bulges or gaps in the material.
  • Jacket – Your bottom hem should cover your backside and the vent should not be pulled open from tension. If it does, the jacket is too short and too tight.
  • Hem – Your pants do not need to be long, but just long enough to sit on top of the laces of your shoes – so try on the tuxedo while wearing the shoes you plan to wear at the wedding.
  • Shoulders – Your shoulders should be hugged perfectly and the shoulder pads should not hang over your shoulder line – otherwise the jacket is too big.
  • Sleeves – Your sleeves should sit at the wrist bone. If they do not, have them hemmed until they do. That way your shirt sits a little past the hem of the sleeve.
  • Pants – Avoid pleated counter-part pants if you can – they are not as slimming as flat-front pants.
  • Socks – While socks do not change the fit of a tuxedo, they are a way to add some fun and colour to your wedding day outfit. Consider using a colour other than white – that matches the wedding of course. That way, when you sit, you have a little personality.

finding the perfect tuxedo

Make sure to have the tuxedo fitted for the last time a few weeks before the wedding, and then make sure you do not alter your appearance much between then – that includes heavily working out for three weeks straight or gaining weight.


If you can, buy or rent a high-quality tuxedo. The finer the fabric, often the better the fit.