Are You Too Young to Get Married?

too young to get married

No one wants to hear they cannot do something. It is human instinct to want what you cannot have. But, when someone tells you you are too young to get married, how are you going to react? Let’s face it; there may be an instance where someone is too young to get married — and that is not always because of their age. While age has a big role to play in determining it, there are other things that could classify you or your future spouse as “too young”. Now, we aren’t saying call off the wedding plans nor are we saying to postpone, but these are just a few things you may want to consider before saying “I do.”

You Live at Home

live on your own

OK, so some people are old enough to get married and still live with Mom and Dad, but how dependent are you on those parents you live with? Could you afford to live on your own right now? Have you ever? Do you know how to even manage a household? A lot of people get married too young and straight from their parents house, but they do not know the first thing about being on their own. So not only are they learning how to thrive without their parents, but they are now also learning how to be a wife and/or husband.

Now, if you live at home and Mom and Dad can still ground you, then let’s just say you are most definitely too young. Even better, if you have a curfew — and one you can get in trouble for missing — that may also be a good indicator you have a few more years ahead of you before you tie the knot.

You Are Looking Forward to a School Dance

school dance

If there are any school dances in the future that you are looking forward to, it may be a sign you are too young to get married. Whether it is Prom or Homecoming, if you’re buying a dress that isn’t for your wedding, but for your upcoming school dance, perhaps you should wait a few years.

You Cannot Go to Las Vegas Without an Adult

las vegas

Las Vegas is a place where anything goes, as long as you are 21. If you need your parents or an authorized adult to go with you so that you can enjoy Las Vegas, Nevada, then perhaps you should wait a little while. Let’s face it; there is no fun to be had when you and your new spouse cannot visit the city that never sleeps.

Commitment Isn’t That Important to You


Do you know what commitment is? Better yet, are you committed to your partner? It doesn’t matter how old you legally are, if you are not capable of handling a mature relationship — one that requires you to support one another, get over your spats and act like adults — you are most likely too young to get married. If this is your first serious relationship, perhaps give it a little while to adjust. It’s easy to say you want to get married after only six months of dating, but it really means a lot when you can say you want to marry a person five years later.

Like we said, we aren’t telling you you’re too young to get married, but if any of these apply, perhaps it is best to wait awhile. Everyone has their own lives and capabilities — and only you know yourself and your fiance. If you’re 18 and know you want to get married, do it!