Tips for Dealing with the Post-Wedding Blues

tips for dealing with post wedding blues

We feel a little sad writing about this topic so close to such an enjoyable time of year, a time to be happy and enjoy company of close friends and family. yes it’s nearly xmas.

I hope you have those last minute to do lists and present shopping all wrapped up.

Since this is our first year as a family and it is Keira’s 1st birthday on the 6th January we plan to spend the holiday season doing some fun things together, this year as we are away from our home in the UK, we decided to spend Xmas day in Disneyland. Apparently it is Disneyland’s busiest day of the year so I am not sure how the day will end up but we are so excited for Keira to get some pictures with Mickey and Minnie. I will share some images on twitter when we get back.

So today we wanted to touch on the subject of post wedding blues, they are a very real condition and something we can overcome with some planning so i hope you enjoy these tips, have a super fun holiday season and best wishes to you and your family.

So After the wedding is over, honeymoon ended, and everything went back to normal, you may start to feel sad. You feel empty and as though you had nothing to do. This “sadness” doesn’t just happen immediately after the wedding and go away  – instead it can last several months. This is called post-wedding blues and it is a very real condition that affects dozens of brides. Post-wedding blues are not just emotional; they are physical too.

If you notice you’re feeling sad after the wedding, realise you are not alone. And, while you may feel there isn’t much you can do about it, there is. Follow these tips for getting over the post-wedding blues or to avoid them altogether.

Have a Buffer

have a buffer

There’s no rule that you have to rush off to your honeymoon the next day. Instead, plan on taking your trip 1 to 2 days after the wedding. Then use that time to sit back, relax and cope with the fact your wedding is over. Rushing off to the honeymoon is another task that has to be done – and could actually make you feel more depressed. By having something to look forward to you are less likely to get depressed.

Give Yourself Time Before Going to Work

give yourself time before going to work

Most couples go on their honeymoon, return home and then are back to work within a day or two. That doesn’t give you much time to enjoy the newlywed life or even cope with the fact your wedding is over. So, if you can, give yourself a long weekend (or even better, a whole week) to cope.

Giving yourself plenty of time to relax after such a big event in your life will also allow you time to get some much deserved sleep, your mind has been in overdrive the past few months and needs time to calm down –  some much needed rest will help a bundle.

STAY OFF PINTEREST – Yes you have spent the past year or more of your life on your favourite social media site so allow some time away from it before getting stuck in with another exciting project like planning a vacation or a new hobby.

Talk with Your New Husband

talk with your new husband

If you are feeling the post-wedding blues coming on, speak to your new spouse. While he may not understand, he is someone to talk to, vent your frustrations to, etc. Keeping it in can make you feel more depressed.

If you can afford it get a holiday booked, even if it’s a year off you will only have to pay a small deposit and getting something to look forward to in the diary will help with the blues.

Talk with Other Brides

talk with other brides

You may be surprised at how many of your friends have been through this. Talk with people you know have been married over the past year and see how they coped with it. Sometimes all it takes is talking with people who have “been there” to feel better.

Why not start a group of local newly weds in your area?

Find a Hobby

find a hobby

You focused so much time and effort on wedding planning that you are now without things to do. You can avoid the post-wedding blues just by picking up a new hobby or focusing on something else – such as crafts, working out, etc.

Do Couple Activities

do couple activities

The best part about being married is you now have the “couple” factor. Go do couple things, double date, hit a  comedy club or local bar whatever it is you enjoy doing away from weddings and most of all just embrace the fact you’re married.

If for any reason those post-wedding blues turn into depression, contact a physician right away. While most blues go away a few weeks after the wedding, it could become a more serious condition you need assessed by a professional.

Can we help each other out here guys?  we would love some suggestions from you about other fun things we can get in the diary to help alleviate our post wedding blues.

Please leave a comment below  and thanks for reading – Kimberley and Kev xxx