Thank You Card Tips and Tricks – All the Etiquette Tips You Need to Know

thank you cards tips and tricks

Just after the wedding the last thing on your mind is the “thank you” cards you need to send out. After all, you’ll be whisked off to your honeymoon and celebrating your special day. But, after the wedding is over, you still have a few to-do’s to take care of before you can settle into newlywed life. There is an etiquette to thank you cards and unfortunately, it isn’t easy to find.

But, if you find yourself wondering what to write, when to send, and if you can use pre-printed messages or not, you are in luck – because we have all the etiquette answers you need.

When to Send

when to send

The sooner the better with your thank you cards. But, that does not mean you need to do it on your wedding night or even while you are on the honeymoon. A typical response is four to six weeks.

If for any reason gifts are sent or given to you before the wedding, send out the thank you card right then – do not wait to send it with the other cards after the wedding. Not only is this good etiquette, but it will be one less “thank you” card you have to send after the wedding. Even if you cannot send it right away, for the gifts you receive early, send the thank you within two weeks.

Prepare Ahead of Time

prepare ahead of time

You do not have to wait until you get back to start making your thank you notes. Have the thank you cards already made and ready to go when you get back. It will make it less of a “to-do” too.

Writing Your Message

writing your message

While you may be tempted to use a pre-printed “thank you” in your card, try to avoid that. People came to your wedding, gave you gifts, and spent time with you. Therefore, show them a little appreciation by writing your “thank you” yourself. You do not have to write a lengthy note, but you should thank them and mention the gift or their contribution to your wedding (if you asked for donations). Use their name, make it more personal, and make sure that both of you sign the thank you cards so that it looks as though it came from both of you – even if only one of you wrote them.

Do not forget to put in an extra “thank you” to those guests who may have traveled a long way to come to the wedding. Guests who flew or drove a few hundred miles should get a special thank you for making it to your wedding and traveling just to see it.

Thank you notes do not have to be complicated. Just by following these etiquette rules you can please your guests and get your wedding off to the right start.