Essential Questions to Ask When Planning a Destination Wedding


Planning a wedding is stressful enough, but when you add a destination wedding into the equation, it may get a little more complicated. Destination weddings are planned sight-unseen – meaning you will not see most of what you planned until you arrive (which could be the day before the wedding).

But, do not let that deter you from a destination wedding. Because while they are stressful and there is a lot of unknowns, they are some of the most breathtaking, relaxing and enjoyable weddings for couples.

To make planning your destination nuptials easier, there are some questions you should ask the resort or mobile wedding planner to ensure your wedding goes according to plan.

Picking Your Destination Wedding Venue


Just because a resort caters to weddings does not mean they offer destination weddings. A destination wedding requires their in-house wedding coordinator to take on most of the planning while you are away. So, the most important question you will want to ask the resort is if they offer destination wedding planning – not just local wedding services.

Some other questions you will want to ask during the venue selection phase include:

1. Do you have an on-site wedding planner? You will want a wedding planner that works directly for the resort and can access their schedules, caterers, etc.

2. What services are included in your wedding package? You will want to find out what services are included with your wedding package as well as what additional fees may be charged to have a planner working on your destination wedding.

3. How early do you need to reserve? Some resorts require up to six months reservations in advance to plan the wedding.

Preparing Your Destination Wedding

Preparing your Destination Wedding

Once you have a venue you’re not out of the woods. There are more questions you’ll need to ask yourself as well as the resort you’re working with, including:

1. What areas of the resort are available for the wedding? Find out what banquet halls, outside reception areas and churches you can use for your ceremony and reception. A lot of the resort isn’t available for your wedding – therefore, you need to know what areas you can use. Ask for photos and layouts of each of those spaces (as well as their maximum capacity) so you know which one is right for your wedding.

2. Other weddings. Ask how many other weddings are happening the same day and if that will interfere with your own. Some resorts allow multiple weddings to take place on the same day.

3. How much will it cost? You need to ask for an accurate estimate, not just base pricing. There are often fees and add-ons that are not included in those base prices – and you don’t want to be surprised with a bill that is two to three times more than you thought it would be.