Common Wedding Etiquette Mistakes You Don’t Know About


There are always those incidents that happen and no one plans for them. But, what you might not realise is most of these mistakes are completely avoidable. You know the basics of wedding etiquette, but there are other etiquette errors that commonly cause wedding day blunders — and you don’t know about them.

Having a Night Out Before the Big Day

night out before the big day

It might sound like a great idea to go out and celebrate the night before your wedding, but remember tomorrow is one of the most important days of your life. You are going to have photographs taken, be the center of attention, and you don’t want to do that while looking hungover or sleep deprived.

Glamour Was More Important than Comfort

glamour than comfort

Those stunning shoes and that ultra-tight gown might look great, but you will be miserable in them. Remember that you will wear that dress and those shoes for more than eight hours, so try your best to find a balance between comfort and looking great.

Ignoring the Unexpected 

ignoring the unexpected

Nothing goes 100 percent according to plan. If you are assuming you won’t have any issues during your wedding, you are already setting yourself up for failure. Things happen. The caterer may be delayed because of traffic, it could rain, the best man didn’t arrive, etc. It is actually proper etiquette to have a back up plan — not for yourself, but for your guests. Some things you may want to consider, include:

  • Having an early arrival time for wedding party members and suppliers — so that everyone is accounted for before anything official begins.
  • Having a first aid kit on the premises (don’t rely on the venue to provide this for you).
  • Having someone in charge of keeping the peace at your wedding.
  • Providing instructions to your guests about the church traditions — don’t assume everyone knows how weddings in your religion work.

Not Providing Guests with Directions


Never assume your guests know how to find your wedding venue; and, don’t just assume they will use GPS. It is rude to not provide a clear address and directions. Print the directions (preferably with a map) and include them with your wedding invitations or at least post them on your wedding site.

Ignoring Guests During the Wedding

ignoring guests

It might be your day, but people took the day off to celebrate it with you. It is your job to spend time with your guests — that means going around and having conversations, thanking guests for attending, etc. Make your rounds throughout the day and share it with your guests.

Not Telling the DJ About Your Music Requirements

dj about music requirements

If you don’t want to offend your guests (or yourself), talk about music with your DJ — and don’t assume they know what music is appropriate or inappropriate for your event. Have a clear list of music that is acceptable, but also let them know what type of music they cannot play.

Not Sending Thank You Cards Promptly

thank you cards

You might be a busy newlywed, but that does not give you the right to ignore the “thank you” cards. Cards should be sent one to two weeks after the wedding. You don’t have to do it on your honeymoon, but make sure it is your first priority when you get home.

Readers: What other wedding etiquette mistakes can you list?