5 Ways to Enjoy (and Survive) the Hen Party

hen party

The bachelorette or “Hen” party is your time to let loose and have fun – and celebrate your final “single” days. It is also a great way to let off wedding planning steam. But, you want to make sure you make the most of that night and survive – including skipping any painful hangovers. So, if your bridesmaids have a wild night in store, here are five ways to ensure you enjoy and survive the party.

Where is your party taking place? be sure to leave a comment at the bottom with what you have planned for your final night of being single.

Leave Cameras at Home

Leave Cameras at Home

No cameras for this night. After all, do you want images of you drinking, partying and possibly enjoying a stripper on Facebook or shared with guests at the wedding? Probably not. So, tell everyone to leave cameras at home and have a strict no photo policy.

This is easier said than done with smart phones nowadays so just be honest with your friends and if you do not wish to have images taken of the night then let them know there is a strict no photo policy for this 1 night. It’s your night and its up to you to set the ground rules.

Skip the Heels and Tight Skirts

Skip the Heels and Tight Skirts

You never know what your bridesmaids have planned, so leave the short skirts and uncomfortable heels at home. You may have a lot of walking or something adventurous to do. You can still look great in skinny jeans and a cute top with some funky accessories.

Wear various layers as well just in case it gets chilly later on in the night, you can always remove layers throughout the evening as the dancing and games gets under way but the last thing you need is to be cold.

Drink Lots of Water

Drink Lots of Water

It is easy to get dehydrated, especially if you plan on having a few drinks. Make sure you drink lots of water before and during the fun – and have a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink you have so that you don’t pay for it the next morning. Even if your wedding isn’t the next day, you have lots on your wedding planning to-do list – so don’t risk a hangover.

Keep the Food Simple

Keep The Food Simple

Don’t go out for a large meal or try something new – you don’t want to cut the night short because the food doesn’t agree with you. Keep the food items simple and eat a light snack before you go out – especially if your bridesmaids don’t plan on eating until much later in the night.

Don’t Call Home

Don't Call Home

While you might be tempted to check-in, don’t call or text your soon-to-be-hubby all night. If you can, send one message when you’re on your way out, then no more calls until you’re on your way home. While it is OK to check in if you’re out late, you don’t want to spend your last night as a single woman constantly calling home. Enjoy the night and have a little space.