10 Tips for Decorating Your Wedding Venue

decorating your wedding venue

Thinking about decorating your wedding venue? Depending on how big the space is, that could be quite the task. Whether you are doing it to save some money or just because you want some input on how the wedding reception will look, there are ways to make it look just right. Of course, you will first want to speak to the venue to make sure you are allowed to decorate it – some venues include their own decorations as part of the rental price. But, once you get the green light, you can start decorating your venue using these tips.

1. Use White Christmas Lights

use white christmas lights

Christmas lights, in white, are the perfect wedding decor item. They can be used along entrances, around the cake and buffet tables, and more. Because they offer a soft, romantic glow, they can enhance a nighttime wedding or even give your daytime reception a little sparkle. Do not go overboard with lights; instead, use them as accent pieces.

2. Drape Out the Ceilings

drape out the ceiling

Bare ceilings are, well, bare and boring. Just a little fabric can transform the entire look of your wedding venue. Use an ivory or white if you’re having a traditional wedding or go with a bright and bold colour for something more fun. By draping the ceilings, you will be able to do less everywhere else – because the ceilings will make a dramatic decor statement for you.

3. Use Centerpieces


Tables at the reception will need something in the center, so when you are decorating your wedding venue don’t forget to put effort into the centerpieces. They can be as simple as a numbered bottle of wine, platter of candles or even a bouquet of flowers, but whatever you do, don’t leave blank space right in the center.

4. Go With Big Decorating Tasks First

big decorations

Focus on the biggest decorating tasks and largest areas, then work to the small stuff. Sometimes just decorating the bigger areas (like the ceilings and walls) is all it takes – leaving less you have to actually decorate. And, it will help you save money.

5. Use Ribbons


Decorate the backs of chairs, sides of pews and other areas with tied ribbons or tulle. It is a very simple, cheap decoration that goes a long way.

6. Use Candles


Candles add ambiance and a sense of romance to any wedding. Also, tea light candles are cheap – so you can add a bunch to your centerpieces and other areas without breaking the decor budget.

7. Use Engagement Photos

engagement photos

You spent all of that time and money getting your engagement photos, so why not use them to decorate your wedding venue? Put them in frames or even blow them up into poster form and use them to decorate the reception area.

8. Pick a Theme and Stick To It

pick a theme

Sit down and decide a theme or colour palette then stick to it. Do not stray from it, because doing so could mean adding more decorations than necessary. Try to keep it simple, such as black and white with an accent colour.

9. Map Out the Space First

map out

Before you even think about decorating, you need to map out the space and see what you have to work with. Decide where to place the tables, how chairs will be arranged, etc.

10. Get Help

get help

Do not try to decorate your wedding venue by yourself – you’re going to need help. Have friends, family or even your bridal party help you decorate, especially the day of the wedding.