Wedding Planning For Destination Weddings: Tips For Planning A Wedding From Afar

The wedding is indeed one of the most important days for any couple. When a couple ties a pious knot, they plan to do their best for preparations and arrangements. The idea of a destination wedding is more popular in the present scenario. It is because of endless opportunities and efforts that the planners put in.

The idea looks amazing, and indeed, the output is dreamy. It is an exciting option, but you tend to get scared simultaneously because planning things from afar is not as easy as it seems. You feel all kinds of emotions at this time, and the best way to tackle them is to seek the help of a Pacific Northwest wedding planner.

Hiring a planner does not mean that you cannot handle things on your own or your taste is doubtful; it means that you have a professional run-through of everything that works for you so that you can enjoy all wedding festivities without any tension or last-minute confusion.

Here’s how you can plan your dream destination wedding:

Choose The Wedding Location Based On What You Like


So, when the wedding bells begin to ring, it becomes important for you to like and, more importantly, what you don’t like. Based on your liking only, you can visualize your wedding arrangements. You should choose a location when you want to take the first step towards your destination wedding preparation.

For example, if you and your partner are nature lovers, you can choose a place near the hills or a beach wedding will be wonderful, too. On the other hand, if you wish to have a royal affair, you can choose a fort wedding. Well, now you know why most celebrities choose to take their vows at forts and near Lake Como.

Also, you can ask your planner to pour in some suggestions. Their experience can greatly help when choosing the best location so that your vision can become a reality on your special day.

Have A Good Research


Thanks to the internet and a plethora of websites, you have various options through which you can research your dream destination wedding. You can find vendors, decorators, caterers, to other specialists in the area where your wedding destination resides. However, you should beware of fraud and look for online reviews. But the reviews can be a hoax, too. So, you can speak to the area’s locals for honest things. Also, you should welcome recommendations from their end.

You should apply your mind, too. It is because the internet portals are a combination of different things. They can make and break your wedding efforts. Hence, your wedding planner should be a brainchild of your expectations, followed by the experience of your planner.

Do Certain In-Person Visits

Your wedding location can be famous or low-key. But, in none of the cases should you keep the ropes loose! Hence, you should begin in-person visits to the wedding location and meet the vendors at least 3-4 times before the wedding date. Also, you should discuss with the hotel authorities related to the days when you can visit the place for menu tastings.

It is a professional way of dealing with the preparations. Also, you should try and get the company of your planner when you visit the location. Skype calls can work sometimes, but visiting is important. Also, you can get the contracts signed from all ends and secure them.

Go Local For Shopping

The wedding fits like clothes and jewelry need more than a single alteration. Hence, you should go local for the same. Also, that’s the best way to work on your customizations. It offers easy access to you and better management while the professionals can look for the wedding preparation at the location.

However, you can discuss with the vendors whether they can deliver the clothes and jewelry to your destination. If not, you should discuss the delivery date of your stuff beforehand so that you can take it with you.

Location-Specific Movement And Stay Arrangements


There are high chances that you and your close ones will feel out of the element while planning your destination wedding. But there are many ways in which you can kill this feeling. You should begin arranging the transportation and stay arrangements for yourself and the wedding guests so there is no unrest when the wedding celebrations begin.

You can ask the planner to coordinate the same with the guests with the help of broadcast texts and calls. The little details related to advance travel should be sorted on priority.

Create Timelines

You and your planner should sit together and create a week-of timeline so that they know about your whereabouts. Also, when the planner has a timeline, they know what is to be done and when the right action has to be taken. They will help you with whatever you need and ensure that there are no delays.

They are fulfilling professional commitments and, at the same time, creating bonds that will help everyone, including the professionals, have a great and memorable time at the wedding. You will thank yourself later for creating a timeline that created room for planning and implementation.

Run Trials Before A Week For Clarity And Changes


You and your partner and the planner should travel to the destination at least a week before the wedding celebrations begin. It will help you ensure that all the preparations are unveiled in the right direction. You can spot the loose ends and ask your planner to work on them on priority.

There can be some last-minute changes, so this is the perfect time to sort all these things out. You can ask your planner to give and implement their inputs for a furnished result. Running trials will help you gain confidence about the preparations and the final thing on the wedding day.


The stress levels for planning a destination wedding are high. But, you should stay positive and happy when you have the best planner working for your vision. Hence, you should make decisions that will give you the best results and a memorable time on your wedding day. Planners are great as they offer the perfect mix of excellent organization, taste, and effort to make your wedding day the most memorable one for you.