Vendor Feature – Inspiring your Potential Customers

Hey there how you doing and thank you so much for agreeing to appear on the wedding crashers blog from

So before we start you are probably asking

What is the wedding crashers blog?

Well we feel we are Unique to most other wedding blogs out there, we do not post 500 times a day and we certainly don’t post tons of images of brides and grooms across social media.

With the wedding crashes blog there is no scrolling through hours of Blog posts and thousands of bridal images, this is the go to site for when they need answers to any questions they have – our site is quick to navigate and our posts are direct and to the point. is THE blog for busy brides and grooms to be who need to know how to create a wedding that is unique to them and says this is us , this is our special day, this is our style , this is our favourite food and this is how we party.

We create practical how to guides to make sure our readers and your potential customers can create the wedding of their dreams in next to no time.

So how do we do this?

Well myself, Kym and our team write practical ideas and create quick easy to read how to guides twice a week every Tuesday and Friday, and then every Sunday we round up the latest news in the wedding industry, we report on the newest styles, what the big Blogs are talking about and any other important information we feel is relevant to our audience.

And that’s where you come in, – this is not a supplier Spotlight interview.

We want you to help your potential customers and our readers, we want you to give advice, strategies, things not to do, and practical ideas they can take with them into their wedding day.

Of course the end product of that for you is that if the readers like your story they will be sure to follow up with you and learn more, so at the end of your interview we will ensure details of how our audience can keep in touch with you are highlighted.

Of course we can both use social media as well to promote the interview.

And the best thing is, we do all this for free, you are helping our audience and your potential customers so all we ask is for your time.

Your time to create an amazing story

So be inspirational, think out the box and most of all teach your potential customers everything they need to know about their wedding day in relation to your service or product.

Why they need to think about it.

What can go wrong if they don’t plan correctly.

How they can put actions into place to ensure they have everything covered in regards to what your service or product is.

Thanks once again and look forward to featuring you and your company.

Let’s do this !!!!

Kimberley and Kev xxx