How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape

perfect wedding dress for your body type

It is your wedding, so you want to look perfect. But, when you go to the dress store you are overwhelmed with all of the different shapes, fabrics and options. While your friend looked great in a ball gown, it may not be as flattering on you when you try it. But, don’t get discouraged. Instead, look at this as an opportunity to be unique – and find the perfect wedding dress for you.

Most brides have a vision in their head about what style of gown they want only to be disappointed that the down doesn’t look great. Instead of shopping by style, shop by shape – more specifically, your shape.

The right shape of dress can flatter your body, accentuate your figure and make you feel gorgeous, sexy, and well, like a bride.

It is best that you go shopping with no expectations on  what you are looking for and be open to trying different styles. Always listen to the bridal experts – they know what they are doing. But, before you even step into a bridal store, make sure you read this in-depth guide for picking the perfect dress for your body shape.

When to Begin Wedding Dress Shopping

When to Begin Wedding Dress Shopping

Finding the perfect dress takes time, which is why most bridal experts recommend shopping a minimum of nine months before the wedding. This not only gives you time to pay off the dress, but enough time for it to be made (which by the way, is usually in another country), altered and perfectly fitted to your body.

If you’re in a pinch, you can buy a dress up to three months out, but any closer to the wedding date and you may not have time for alterations – or you will pay a fortune. Even the perfect shaped dress must be altered to fit your unique curves.

So, make sure you give yourself plenty of time.

The Perfect Shape for Each Body Type

The Perfect Shape for Each Body Type

No one has the exact same body. There is always some sort of feature that makes your body different from another bride’s – and that is OK. While it is impossible to go over every single unique feature, we have combined the most common body type features to create a list of wedding dress styles that will flatter them the most.

The pear-shaped body.

You need a skirt that gently flows outward going from the waist down. Stick to a sturdier fabric rather than free-flowing fabrics so that they don’t hug your hips and thighs. Satin is thick enough to hold its shape, but still flows freely. For neckline, go with a spaghetti strap or v-neck to showoff your slender upper body.

You are busty.

Busty gals, especially those with a slimmer waist, don’t have an easy time finding a wedding gown. You want to accentuate your natural features, but you do not want to overdo it. It is best to stick with a dress that has a scooping neckline rather than a v-neck (so nothing dips too low). You can still go strapless, but make sure it has a soft dip, such as a sweetheart.  Stay away from light fabrics, because they can add volume to an already heavy chest – making you look bigger than you are.

Plus-sized women.

Wedding dresses these days for plus-sized women are sexy. They accentuate your natural curves and make you look absolutely fabulous. Stick to an empire waist that starts just under your bust and flows down to an A-line. Don’t let the gown be too loose; instead, it should closely hug, but not be too tight.

Go with fabrics that provide structure, rather than bunching up.

You have an apple shape.

Apple shapes need dresses that cinch at the smallest point of your waist, then slowly flare out. You will want a lot of texture at the waist, such as a ruche. You can even get away with a corset-look if you are going for something more sexy. But avoid any trumpet gowns, because these over-emphasize your apple shape and can make you look too wide.

You are tall.

Tall women need to keep it simple. A clean line silhouette is elegant, modern and gorgeous.  When it comes to embellishments, try to not go overboard – and less is more with your shape. Too many designs will overtake your body.

You are petite.

Petite women can be easily overtaken by a dress. Stay away from bulky fabrics and shapes – including ball gown. Because of your smaller figure, guests will only see fabric – when they are supposed to be looking at you.

You have a straight-lined body.

You can create the look of curves regardless if you have any. A sheath dress that cinches around your waist or even a trumpet gown can give you the appearance of curves. If you have a smaller bust line, use a ruche design to add volume.

Common Mistakes Made During Dress Shopping – And How to Avoid Them

Common Mistakes Made During Dress Shopping - And How to Avoid Them

Even the most prepared brides can have a bad experience dress shopping. While you are at the bridal store, here are a few common mistakes brides make – and how to avoid them.

1. Bringing way too many people – While you want to include people in the experience, each person you bring has an opinion. That will mean conflicting advice and opinions while you are trying to find the  perfect dress. Stick to two or three people max – and leave the entourage at home.

2. Trying on too many dresses – While you should try on plenty of dress styles, do not try on too many. You will soon be unable to remember the previous dresses, how they looked or even what you liked. Your dress consultant is limiting your selection for a reason and they know how easy it is to become overwhelmed.

3. Shopping by the discount – Even though you want a cheap wedding dress, you do not want a discount or price to be what helps you pick your dress. A flattering wedding gown that is perfect for your shape may end up costing a little more, but it is about how you feel in that dress – not how much you pay for it.

So what are your thoughts girls? where have you found your perfect wedding dress, feel free to give your lovely supplier a shout out in the comments below.