Nice to Meet you!

Hi, we are Kimberley and Kev, we are from San Jose, CA and we live our lives in the wedding industry with 2 different but related wedding businesses.

We are not rich, we drive a Toyota Corolla and live in a 2 bedroom house, you could say we live below our means so that we can enjoy time traveling in the winter when the wedding season slows down.

We would say we have created the most amazing life for ourselves and our beautiful daughter not just with hard work but with plenty of trial and errors and a little bit of luck along the way.

About Kimberley and Kev

We’re here to help you fight your way through the maze of options and all the online noise that’s out there to do with wedding planning. We’ve lost count of the sheer volume of blogs that post every day of the week about the latest fads and fashions for tying the knot.

At, we’re not really interested in any of that. Our Wedding Crashers blog is here to offer you the very best practical tips and ideas so you can create your own wedding, your way,  we give you everything you need to know for your wedding under one virtual roof.

We’re sure you’re raring to start planning, but we thought you might like to know a bit about our story first.

We were both born in Oakland in the early 1990s, the time that tasteful hairstyles forgot!

It was IKEA that brought us together in 2010 when we both worked there. You could say it was a relationship we had to put together ourselves!

A couple of years later, having realized we shared a love of food, we set up our own catering business, a street food affair that provides for weddings every week, and which we still operate and love.

We soon realized we loved talking to brides every day, asking them about their weddings, and helping them plan their food and drink down to every last detail. We know that weddings are of course happy occasions, and for us that means entertainment, laughter, good food and drink, sharing a sense of occasion, and enjoying a cheeky dance at the end of the night!

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So going the whole hog roast, if you like, and helping our brides with all the other aspects of their wedding seemed like a natural progression for us – and that’s how – The Wedding Crashers Blog began.

Now wouldn’t you like to learn a little about how we celebrated our own wedding?

As you can imagine, when it came to our own big day, we put more than a little thought into it!

In fact, call us greedy, but the occasion was so special to us that one day didn’t quite cut it. Instead, we wanted it to last as long as possible! For that reason, we reckoned getting married overseas, and making it last a week or more, would work best for us.

When we went on our first holiday together all the way back in 2012, it was to Cancun in Mexico, and so we reckoned that would be the perfect place to tie the knot, along with all our closest friends and family members.

(OK, so it was a thinly disguised excuse to indulge our love of Margaritas, but never mind.)

Although initially, Kev in particular was rather concerned about asking his family and friends to travel all that way, just to see us marry, he needn’t have worried. We’re so lucky to have the most incredible people around us, who were only too thrilled to make a trip to Mexico their main holiday that year and to celebrate with us.

It’s partly because of their willingness to do this for us that we know we’ll never forget those 10 magical days, and we’ll always be grateful to them for making it so special for us.

Our wedding was everything we ever dreamed of – and more. Picture the deepest blue sky, gorgeous sunshine, paradise beaches at a crazily beautiful location, and everyone we love surrounding us, and you may get some idea of just how perfect it was.

After the wedding

We indulge our love of a good party with yearly trips to Las Vegas – so we knew we wanted to do something back home on a grand scale for everyone. We threw the best party our budget stretched to at the time, with a Rat pack and swing band providing the music, followed with a DJ who played until midnight.

Then the sax and bongo players created the nightclub-style finale, and we danced the night away with our loved ones almost until dawn.

Just two years later, our beautiful daughter Kiana arrived on 18th January 2015 – and we can’t imagine our lives without her now (even if we haven’t had to buy an alarm clock since).

So, that’s us. What would your special day look like? , drop us an email or say hi on Twitter at @kimberleyandkev – we’re looking forward to finding out about you and helping you when it’s your turn to create your idyllic wedding.