I'm Engaged, Now What?

The Essential Just Engaged Book

The "must have" companion to guide you through the wedding planning process -  Peace of mind guarantee - if you are not satisfied with this book for any reason get in touch for a full refund no questions asked

You’ll Learn:

  • Invaluable Tips on picking the perfect venue, how to control the wedding budget including tips for planning a budget wedding
  • all about wedding styles and themes, details of big wedding money wasters.
  • advice on the cake, flowers and the dress, as well as detailed tips on food and entertainment to ensure that the big day goes with a bang
  • The one thing YOU must do after the wedding, as well as advice on honeymoon planning and tips covering how to save money.
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Kimberley & Kevin Anderton

About the Authors

"I'm Engaged - Now What?" has been carefully created by husband and wife team Kimberley and Kevin Anderton of The Wedding Crashers Blog
www.kimberleyandkev.com and is perfectly written to provide you with unique tips and ideas to create a wedding that is unique to you.

We realised that while wedding planning tips are available online, they often get lost amongst the plethora of blog posts, Pinterest boards and other social media postings that are uploaded every single day.
Our aim in producing "I'm Engaged - Now What?" was to provide YOU with a walk through guide to planning the big day, including everything from theme ideas to ways to ensure that your guests do actually RSVP .

While there are many wedding guides out there, this book takes into account that every couple is different.

This book offers advice while taking into account the fact that every couple has different tastes and a different budget, suggesting a number of different options for various elements of the wedding day.