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Simplifying the Wedding Guest List Process

Creating the wedding guest list is one of the most stressful moments in wedding planning. Ask any bride after her wedding and she will tell you that picking who could come, who couldn’t come and letting down those who ask was her most stressful moment. Unfortunately, there is no way to sugarcoat the wedding guest […]


How to Let Coworkers Know They Weren’t Invited

Once you are engaged and set a date, you’ll look at the world differently. Everyone you see will be either involved in the wedding or not involved. Obviously family and close friends will be invited to the wedding, while your neighbors won’t. But, how do you let the people you see everyday at work know […]


5 Ways to Ensure Your Guests RSVP

These days it is like pulling teeth to get guests to RSVP. Unfortunately too many guests do not understand the importance of an RSVP. RSVPs tell you how many guests to plan for when it comes to catering, gifts, etc. So instead of worrying or trying to guess, try theseĀ 5 Ways to Ensure Your Guests […]