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Wedding Tips: How to Ensure You Have Awesome Invitations

How many times have you opened a wedding invitation in the mail to only see something that is crappy and boring?  It is common that people will toss in their crappy invitations that show they put forth no effort what-so-ever into their wedding invites. No one expects someone to keep the invitation, so why put […]


Picking the Perfect Wedding Wine on a Budget

These days couples are more savvy about wines. And, more couples are serving up wines at their weddings. While it is tradition to use champagne for the toast, do not feel obligated. You can serve up a different type of sparkling wine to save a little money and no one will ever know  – because […]


10 Easy Wedding Updos for Summer

For your wedding, you want those long tresses out of your face and off your neck. We don’t blame you! Summer can be extremely hot and humid and under all of the fabric of your wedding dress, you might feel like hair draped over your neck and shoulders will be nothing more than a sweat-fest […]